People Stories: Cloudreach Europe Ltd

October 26, 2015

Case Study: Cloudreach Europe Ltd

Each month, we like to catch up with one of our customers to find out exactly why they chose People™ as their company’s HR system, and to discover how they’ve been getting on. This month, we had a chat with Estelle Roux – the Global Head of People Operations at Cloudreach Europe Ltd.

Cloudreach Europe Ltd helps companies to tap into the power of cloud computing, and amongst other impressive credentials, holds the title of an accredited Amazon Web Services Managed Services Provider, as well as an approved Google Customer Success Services Provider. Visit their website to learn more about their business – or keep reading to discover how they feel about People™.

Q & A with Cloudreach Europe Ltd

Why did you choose People™?

“It’s a very modern system, and when choosing an HR database one of the main challenges for us was to find a system that is flexible enough to deal with all our business needs and HR demands.   Secondly we wanted a product that integrated seamlessly with google and other cloud-based products we use.”

How has People™ helped your business the most?

“All our employee information is now kept in one place – not on a hundred different spreadsheet, which means, less admin and more time to  be strategic about where we take the business from a People point of view.   We can also at a glance see important information like absence figures and staff retention – something we use to collect from a range of different sources.” 

Has it helped improve relationships between staff at all?

“Absolutely. There’s much more visibility surrounding who is on holiday and when, which means cover is much easier to arrange.  Plus, we love the give Thanks functionality – it’s a great way to boost staff morale and publicly thank a colleague for something they’ve done.  It adds a bit of fun, and we can customise it to suit our company’s culture!”

Have you found the pre-designed reports helpful?

“Oh, definitely and they are quite interesting, as it gives our staff quick access to useful company info on-demand and give people a bit of insight into some unusual stats they might not normally see.”

Anything else you’d like to mention?

“It is very easy to use and to set up, and as It’s a cloud-based product so we can use it pretty much everywhere we go.  We love the 360 performance management section and the queries tool is super easy to use.”



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