Guess our new feature to win a £30 Amazon Voucher!

July 17, 2017

Guess our new feature to win a £30 Amazon Voucher!

On 27th July, our Summer Release will go live – and with it, comes a very exciting new feature that we’re absolutely sure you’re going to love. So what is that feature? Well, you’re going to have to guess!

Over the next few days, we’re going to share various clues via social media, to show you the new feature in action. The first clue is at the top of this post – as you can see, we’ve blurred out the feature name, and even mixed up the letters. Your job is to work out what the new feature is called!

We’re giving away five Amazon Vouchers worth £30 each, to people who guess the correct name. All you have to do, is post a comment on this blog post, or reply to one of our social media clues, and your guess will be entered into the draw.

Winners will be announced on Friday 21st July!

Follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss a clue

We’ll be posting our clues out via social media. Make sure you don’t miss any, by catching up with us on our various channels:

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If nobody guesses the name of the feature, then we’ll pick the five people who got the closest – and if nobody is even close, then we’ll just pick five people at random. Regardless, we’ve got £150 worth of Amazon Vouchers – and they’re going to go somewhere by Friday!

Next clue hits social media tomorrow… good luck.



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