People’s People: A Culture of Innovation

At People, our employees work in what we call a 'Culture of Innovation'. This incredibly creative approach to working has brought us some of the best ideas we've ever seen, and we're proud of what we've built. It all started with our company philosophy, which is clearly outlined in our employee handbook.

May 28, 2013
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How Much does HR Software Cost?

If you’ve ever typed that question into a search engine, you’ll already know that most HR software companies don’t want to answer it. Try it right now – open up a new tab, and ask Google how much Human Resources software costs.

May 23, 2013
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HR Ambition Meets Business Ammunition

Revolutionary HR software provider People announces the exciting acquisition of business template supplier DocSpot to provide HR professionals with a fingertip-resource of official documents completely free of charge

May 21, 2013
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What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an ever-growing industry in the age of ‘The Cloud’ – but what is it, and how is it different to buying software outright?

May 20, 2013
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Managing People with People…the only HR Software your business will ever need

If you’ve ever spent a gruelling half-hour (or more) wrestling with databases, spread sheets and stacks of paperwork trying to complete a task that on face value is simple (such as registering a new employee)… then you’ll understand the pain felt by hundreds of business owners and HR directors up and down the country who don’t yet have any sort of HR software for their business.

May 16, 2013
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People™: The Creation

It was a dark and stormy night… actually, we can’t remember what the weather was doing at all; we were all too wired on cups of coffee and buckets of frustration – frustration at the world of HR. You see, being a group of seasoned HR and HR software veterans, we knew that something was lacking… and it wasn’t even that HR software didn’t exist – it did, we’d built 5 of them between us!

May 9, 2013
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