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Rapidly growing, award-winning IT company, Circle IT, is passionate about gathering employee feedback, and acting on results. The person behind this passion is their Director of Organisational Development, Jennifer Griffiths. To help her actively engage her employees and deliver exceptional people management for her company, Jennifer Griffiths chose to use People HR – because it is “more than just another HR information system”.


Circle IT is an award-winning IT company which specialises in providing IT support and services to a range of businesses, from SMEs through to large, multi-sited organisations. Trading since 2001, the company has gone through several phases of growth, and now employs 80 people.

Keeping a dynamic workforce of this size moving forward (and in the same direction) can be tough, but Circle IT has it covered: Meet Jennifer Griffiths, Circle IT’s Director of Organisational Development.

Part of Jennifer’s job is to align the development of the company’s workforce with its operational goals, and although this can be a tricky balancing act at times, Jennifer’s adaptability and forward-thinking seems to take Circle IT from strength to strength.

Today, we’re going to take a look at how People HR became a part of Circle IT’s success.

The Challenge

Before joining People HR, Jennifer was using a different system to handle HR.

Whilst using this software Jennifer highlighted the following challenges she was facing:

– Fiddly workflows

– Too many expensive add-ons

– Difficult to navigate

The Goal

When Jennifer set out to find a new HR system, she knew what exactly what she wanted it to achieve. She wanted:

  1. Modern HR software that fit in with her young, dynamic workforce
  2. Easy set-up for minimal disruption
  3. Easy-to-use interface with great reporting functionality
  4. As many out-of-the-box features as possible (without the expensive add-ons)

But most importantly, Jennifer was looking for a company that actively listened to its clients and made improvements to the system based on actual customer feedback… and when she shared all of these goals with a fellow HR advisor, she was introduced to People HR!

The Solution

We asked Jennifer why she chose People HR over the other systems out there, and she answered as follows:

“All of the above! Mainly it was an easy cost to justify, support was fantastic, the features are amazing, and it’s the most complete and easy-to-use HR system we saw.”

Jennifer also added that she believed People HR would help her to overcome cumbersome data entry, non-intuitive workflows, and to improve on her previous HR system. She also believed it offered a better way for employees to use self-service, and that it would be a great time-saving and performance-monitoring tool for managers – not “just another HR information system”.

Wow. A lot of expectations to live up to… but we were pretty confident we’d knock this one out of the park. And when we asked Jennifer which goals it has since helped her to achieve, she answered “all of them”.

Of course, we don’t like to simply meet expectations… we like to over-deliver. And Jennifer told us that People HR even helps her in areas she didn’t expect! For example:

– Regular updates and improvements to the system

– Free training webinars whenever new features are added

– Missions! – free in-built training for HR managers, nice touch!


Long-Term Benefits of People HR

Circle IT have been using People HR for a while now, and we’re delighted to hear that “everyone loves the system”.

“The self-service for booking holidays has been a HUGE time saver” says Jennifer in retrospect “and the fact that managers can instantly see who else is off before they authorise leave is great”.

We asked Jennifer if she had any advice for other companies looking for a new HR system. Here is what she says:

“Look for a company that can be as dynamic as your organisation that have controlled costs, and are more than just a personnel database. You can get so much more out of a system and the value it adds back to your business in time savings is worth it.”

To learn more about Circle IT and the services they provide, please visit their website here.

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