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Alice Osbourne
HR Manager
London, UK
Information Technology
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Spindrift is a leading digital agency, and in 2013 scooped the prestigious Oracle Customer Experience Award. Their HR Manager, Alice Osbourne, joined People HR because the speed of their growth meant it was no longer possible to tackle HR on an ad-hoc basis. Spindrift has seen a big improvement to both attendance and performance, and says that People® has helped them to learn more about HR.


Company Spindrift is a winning combination of technology, creativity and strategy, and their 7 years of crafting remarkable experiences across multiple digital commerce channels has seen them win a number of prestigious awards – such as the Oracle Customer Experience Award in 2013, and the ATG Outstanding Contribution award in both 2009 and 2010.

Having tackled Human Resources on an ad-hoc basis since they started trading, they realised that as their company grew bigger, it was getting harder to handle – and so, in early 2014 after getting a recommendation from another company, they decided to implement People ™ to improve how they handled their HR.

“We realised the potential for growth within our company” explains Alice Osbourne​, Resourcing /HR Manager at Spindrift “and decided we needed a more effective approach to managing staff admin”.

In their 6 months of using the software, ​Rachel Pearlman​ tells us that her​ favourite feature by far is the planner as it helps manage availability within the company. But it hasn’t just had an impact on the efficiency of their admin – it’s had an impact on the staff, too!


“They love it” Alice tells us “It is great for line management capability, and it has simplified so many processes”

Spindrift have also remained impressed by the system’s in-built Bradford Factor scoring, saying that it has taught them something new about HR and helped them to improve attendance and performance.

We’re delighted to have Spindrift on-board, and hope their business continues to enjoy many more successes in the years to come.

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