3 Terms All HR Leaders Should Know
Strategic HR
August 12, 2021
3 terms all HR leaders should know to stay relevant
Keeping up with corporate terminology and jargon can be a challenge. To ensure you're not pulling a blank face at the next board meeting, here are our top three terms defined.
Common Workpace Personalities
Culture & Engagement
July 15, 2021
The four most common workplace personalities
There are four workplace personalities, according to scientists at Deloitte. The Pioneer, The Driver, The Integrator, and The Guardian. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. Which one sounds most like you?
Workforce Management Top 10 HR Issue
Strategic HR
June 24, 2021
Workforce planning is one of the 10 biggest HR issues in 2021
Workforce planning is a top 10 HR issue for 2021. This is partly because of how big and complex the whole thing is – and the sheer volume of moving parts to consider. Let’s look at how to reduce some of these challenges.
Strategic HR
June 21, 2021
Onboarding new employees: are you starting too late (and ending too soon)?
Up to 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days. And a third of new hires are looking for a new job within their first six months! Here’s what you need to do to make those numbers better.
Benefits Of Using An HR System
Strategic HR
June 02, 2021
4 benefits of using an HR system in 2021
Many people think that using an HR system is just about saving time and money. But there are four other good reasons to switch to an HR system in 2021.
Forward Thinking
Strategic HR
May 26, 2021
5 areas forward-thinking HR leaders are prioritising in 2021
This is an excerpt from The HR Transformation Playbook, a guide to help HR and business leaders across Australia and New Zealand review and improve their existing processes and ways of working.
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