person wearing face mask in the office
Employee Relations
May 20, 2020
Employee concerns with the return to work
Returning to work after time away can be unsettling. Especially after a global lockdown. Here are some employee concerns with the return to work.
happy employee
HR Software
May 06, 2020
What’s the point of a pulse survey?
A pulse survey is a quick way to capture feedback from your employees. Unlike the more traditional annual survey, a pulse survey is short, and focuses on a specific issue or question.
employee working at laptop
Culture & Engagement
April 08, 2020
Tracking your net promoter score for employees
Calculating a net promoter score for employees is a good way to test the strength of your employer brand, to help you boost talent attraction and retention.
person working on laptop
HR Function
December 16, 2019
Three big HR challenges for 2021
HR has a very steep hill to climb in 2021, with lots of challenges ahead. Here are some of the biggest I think we will face over the next 12 months.
employees working together
Health & Safety
September 25, 2019
Is an Employee Assistance Programme worthwhile?
The ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ is one of the most common workforce mental health interventions in the UK. But does it actually provide any value, or is it just a box-ticking exercise?
employees having coffee
Employee Relations
September 11, 2019
The secret rules of office coffee etiquette
Are you always the one doing the coffee run? Or maybe there’s a pesky criminal drinking from your own personal mug? Manners expert Richie Frieman joins us on the blog today, to guide us through some of the unspoken rules of office coffee etiquette.