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Productivity Apps


Automatically populate your document templates in webmerge with information from People HR.

Process Street

Create Process Street checklists based on actions in People HR.


Connect with over 1000 other apps via Zapier.

Google Docs

Integrate Google Docs or Google Drive files into your employee or company documents.

AD Update Tool

This tool allows users to update your AD from People HR using Microsoft Powershell.

Holiday Sync Tool

Users can update holidays and other events in Exchange server that are stored in People HR.


Zoek is the UK's fastest growing job board/site that sources and connects quality candidate to your job adverts.


Integrate People HR with Slack to post information to a slack channel, such as "Birthdays", "Length of service", and "Who is out today".

Word and Excel

Integrate with Microsoft Word and Excel for mail merging and business analytics.

Google Calendar Sync

Synchronise People HR with your Google Calendar, so you can see real time updates of your own, and your colleague's working schedules.


Synchronise basic employee data between Flow and People HR, saving you the time and hassle of data duplication.

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