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Rapidly improve employee engagement, motivation, staff retention, or reduce sickness and absence.

WeThrive integrates with People® so you can effortlessly update your staff in WeThrive - find out more.

Happier people are more likely to stay and deliver better results. That's why integrating with WeThrive's tools take you way beyond employee engagement. Helping you and your leaders dig deeper into underlying issues, spot opportunities, take action and track progress.

First you need to listen before you can act, which is why every WeThrive client first needs our core product WeListen. A survey designed to uncover how your employees truly feel and identify underlying issues or successes within the workplace.

Once you have a better understanding of how your employees feel, you need to take action and make improvements. WeCoach helps line managers by going deep into the survey results to uncover insights that will inspire direct and powerful conversations.

Guidance on how to integrate People® with WeThrive

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