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Gloria Kayser
HR and Recruitment Officer
Lightsource Renewable Energy
London, UK
Renewables & Environment
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Lightsource boasts the biggest portfolio of ground and rooftop mounted commercial solar installations in the United Kingdom. Their HR and Recruitment Officer, Gloria Kayser, joined People HR in 2014, to help her handle the rapid growth of her workforce – she’d recently welcomed 90 new employees on-board! Gloria loves that she no longer has to cross-check holiday requests against remaining entitlements.


Lightsource provides commercial-scale solar photovoltaic solutions for businesses and landowners, and boasts the biggest portfolio of ground and rooftop mounted commercial solar installations in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Like most successful growing businesses, they recently realised that tackling Human Resources using spreadsheets and paper forms was posing challenges, and that growing their workforce effectively was tough.

And so, in mid-2014 – after adding 90 new employees to their already large workforce – they decided to look for an automated HR system that would let them create, edit and navigate employee information quickly and easily.

What Attracted Lightsource to People™?

Although many businesses discover People™ during a routine online search for HR Software, Lightsource has a different story.

“Our IT manager actually recommended People™” explains Gloria Kayser, Lightsource’s HR and Recruitment Officer. “He had used it in his last company and was very pleased – not only with the system, but with the service he received, too”.

And when we asked Gloria how People™ had made an impact for her company, the response was delightful. Not only does Gloria say that organising HR information is now far less tedious, but she also says that it has had a positive effect on her company’s employer/employee relationship – for example, since Lightsource rolled out the Self-Service functionality, their employees have been given boosted visibility of their personal data, as well as the ability to submit electronic holiday requests and update their own contact information.

Which Feature has Helped Lightsource the Most?

“The Holiday Planner is one of the main advantages” Gloria tells us. “Before using People™, all the requests were handled with a paper form, and everything was out of control – misunderstandings, mistakes and double-bookings were all just a part of the daily routine!”

Gloria goes further to say that their company’s managers now have much more control and visibility of who is requesting what and when, and expresses her delight that there is no longer the need to cross-check holiday requests against remaining entitlements because that’s all taken care of within the system.

But aside from the Holiday Planner, Gloria adds that the ability to generate great reports from staff data instantly is a real breath of fresh air.


Lightsource’s Overall Verdict on People™

Overall, Lightsource is delighted with People™; but Gloria reminds us that she has only been using the system for three weeks and still has a lot to discover!

She also noted that there are a few areas where a slight tweak or an extra feature might come in handy, but reassured us that our Customer Service team was very responsive to feedback and had already taken her comments on-board for future releases.

So from us, to Gloria and everybody else at Lightsource: Welcome to People™!

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