Make life easier for you, and your employees

Find the HR facts you need instantly

Find the HR facts you need instantly

Use Copilot which acts as your own HR AI assistant to radically reduce the time spent on routine HR tasks and queries. 

Get instant answers in the moment and access to all relevant documentation stored on your HR system.

Just ask Copilot and save valuable time navigating internal systems.



Manager Using Ai Hr Assistant To Save Time
Delegate routine queries and free up time

Delegate routine queries and free up time

Automatically delegate repetitive HR queries, enabling employees to self-serve and helping you maximise the time spent on strategic work. 

If the information exists in your PeopleHR Evo software, your AI HR Assistant Copilot will find it.

Person Delegating Routine Queries With Hr Ai Assistant
Act quickly with best practice responses

Act quickly with best practice responses

With all company relevant guidance, documents and HR best practice consolidated in one place, you’ll have the facts you need to respond quickly, and make the right decisions.

Your AI virtual HR assistant can use generative AI to summarise, create and transform content in a matter of seconds so you create a job description, write a policy document or prepare for a performance review.

Using Ai Hr Assistant To Act Quickly With Best Practice Responses

Instantly retrieve personal, team or company data in a secure way

Copilot will instantly retrieve personal, team or company data, relative to individual roles and privacy permissions in a private and secure environment.

Employee Using Hr Ai Assistant To Find Information Quickly

Support and empower line-managers

Empower over-burdened line managers with HR support at their fingertips.

They’ll get the answers they need quickly and compliantly, in-line with company policies and best practice HR advice.

Ai Virtual Assistant Empowering Line Managers

Adopt AI securely

Adopt AI with all the benefits in a private and contained environment, giving you peace of mind.

Use in total confidence that your search history, including all prompts, questions, answers and personal and company data is secure and confidential and never used in other open AI systems.

Control access to documents based on role, type, department or location to ensure your AI HR Assistant only includes what you want it to.

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Adopt AI Securely With Hr Ai Assistant

What can our HR AI assistant help you do?

Find information quickly

Find information quickly

Search PeopleHR instantly to find facts and information from relevant documents simply ask things like ‘what is our company’s policy on compassionate leave’? or ‘how should I deal with a flexible working request?’

Using Ai Hr Assistant To Find Information Quickly
Advise & create

Advise & create

Use generative AI to help advise, research, create or summarise content to help HR leaders and line managers be more efficient in their roles.

Ask your AI HR Assistant things like ‘advise on best practice to deal with underperformance’ or ‘help me craft a job description for a Sales Manager role, using market best practice examples.’

Using Hr Ai Assistant For Advice
Take action

Take action

Respond to HR issues confidently with the facts you need at your fingertips.

Combine facts from company documents and policies alongside best practice advice into one cohesive, intelligent response to help drive decisions, quickly and accurately.

Using natural language and AI-driven emotional intelligence, your AI HR assistant helps you create authentic, relevant responses, which can be adapted to your own tone of voice.

Person Using Ai Hr Assistant

Which teams could benefit from the AI HR Assistant?

Example Of Copilot Hr Ai Assistant On Mobile


Get answers they need to routine queries in seconds, empowering self-service and freeing up HR time. 

‘When is our pay review period?’

‘What is our sickness policy?’


Office managers & administrators

Get confidential advice on best practice, summarise large amounts of content like policies, get responses drafted to more complex issues and check compliance regulations. 

‘How do I write a job description?’


Line managers

Source policy documents, get best practice HR guidance and find answers to HR questions instantly. 

‘How should I handle under-performance?’

‘What is our policy on paternity leave?’


Business owners

Research growth strategies of similar businesses, summarise board papers and actions into to-do lists, get quick guidance on tax legislations and the potential impact on the business. 

‘How will the new IR35 regulations affect my business?’


HR leaders

Delegate HR tasks and queries, instantly locate HR facts from a wide range of documents, summarise large amounts of content, source facts quickly to aid decisions and draft responses to complex issues like performance or disciplinaries.

‘An employee has reported a grievance, what are my next steps?’

Your AI HR Assistant and Access Evo

PeopleHR is now powered by Access Evo - our new AI-driven HR software experience. 

Copilot, your AI-powered HR Assistant is our first feature but Access Evo will be bringing more enhancements to PeopleHR over 2024, from powerful people analytics to our intelligent AI Feed, you can empower your employees to drive business impact like never before.

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Team Using Peoplehrevo

Copilot AI HR Assistant FAQs

PeopleHR is now powered by Access Evo – our AI-driven software experience.

Our first exciting feature is Copilot which acts as your AI-powered HR assistant instantly answering HR queries, automating repetitive tasks and delegating routine admin.

Access Evo will bring more enhancements over the 2024, so watch this space for more benefits coming soon…

Our virtual AI HR assistant is within a secure and contained environment. All search history, including prompts, questions and answers, and personal and company details are confidential and not used to support algorithm learning or shared with external services.

You can also control access to documents based on role, type, department or location for additional security.

Access Evo will continue to bring further features and enhancements to PeopleHR so watch this space for new releases coming soon…

Copilot will be the first feature available to new customers with other benefits coming in 2024. Register your interest to find out when new features will be available.