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HR Essentials

Bring your HR data together, and then automate the repetitive tasks you hate. Track sick days, update employee information, stay on top of right to work information, and send out reminders and documents, all from one central system.

Easily run queries to find the information you need, then build intelligent, automatic workflows, that take care of the repetitive HR tasks you hate.

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People HR gives you an applicant tracking system that helps you publish jobs, shortlist candidates, and hire the best people for your organisation.

We built our ATS around the understanding that recruitment is not a game of chance. The software is designed to help you build a recruitment process to set out clear standards across your organisation, and then consistently find the most talented people who fit your culture.

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Performance Management

Performance management motivates your people to hit their targets and out-perform competitors. It is about helping teams work together towards goals that really matter to your organisation

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Explosive Reports

Deliver essential insight with a single click or tap. Reveal the true cost of absence, or present a complete overview of your workforce demographics. Our powerful selection or reports help you understand the real business impact of HR, so you can use this information to grow.

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People HR Support

Expert Guidance

People HR prompts you at key decision points, to help you make smarter choices, faster. You just changed an employee's bank details - perhaps you should notify payroll?

Using anonymised data from other HR departments, People HR suggests the next logical task, to make sure you never miss an important step.

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