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Michael Ashworth
Managing Director
Lancaster, UK
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Web design and hosting company Nublue started out as a two-man team in 2005. But by 2014, they were managing 32 employees and still growing. Michael Ashworth, their Managing Director, trialled five different systems before deciding that People HR was the software that could engage their growing workforce. And as they continue to grow, he looks forward to many more years working with our modern HR software.


Nublue was founded in 2005, and provides web design and web hosting services to established  businesses and ecommerce providers across the UK. Over the last 10 years, they have seen strong growth as a company – going from a 2 man team to having 32 employees with ambitious growth plans for the future. Nublue take pride in their responsibility as employers, and understand that it is the people who work there and the ideas and energy they put in that make the business flourish.

In 2014, Nublue were already doing a lot to raise the standards within their team, including regular performance appraisals, and training and recognition of both individual and team achievements. But they needed a system that made management easier, and that their employees would find engaging and easy to use. They trialled 5 different HR systems in total, but in the end it was People that really stood out. Today, we are sharing some feedback from Nublue’s Managing Director, Michael Ashworth, to find out exactly why they chose People as their HR software provider.

“We loved how it guided good practice without forcing a rigid way of doing things”

“People HR stood head and shoulders above the competition. We loved how it guided you towards good practice without forcing a rigid way of doing things. We loved how every list, every form, and every feature could be tailored to match our organisation’s needs within its framework. Put simply, we loved both what it did and how it did it. It was clearly very well thought through and with a nice and easy interface on top, the learning curve was minimal.”

“As a high-growth company, we have ambitions to grow our team substantially in the coming years, and People HR gives us great confidence in managing that team growth.”


“Solves the problems you are having today, and prevents the problems you are likely to have tomorrow”

“It is rare that you adopt a system which you can see not just solves the problems you are having today but will prevent the problems you are likely to have tomorrow. People HR does just that. Whenever we think of new ideas for employee development as a company, chances are People HR already caters for it and for that reason it is worth every penny.”

“We are very much looking forward to the future and the jobs we hope this business can create, and long may People HR be part of the team’s journey.”

To learn more about Nublue, please visit their website here.

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