About SACO – The Serviced Apartment Company

Nina Paukkunen
HR and Training Officer
SACO – The Serviced Apartment Company
Bristol, UK
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SACO offers short and mid-term accommodation in more than 260 destinations worldwide, and has over 80,000 stylish serviced apartments to choose from. Their HR and Training Officer, Nina Paukkunen, joined People HR because it let her employees engage with the software from anywhere in the world. She loves the explosive reports, and her managers enjoy tapping into important absence information quickly.


With a portfolio of more than 30,000 serviced apartments in over 220 destinations worldwide, SACO has spent more than 18 years developing their reputation as one of the UK’s leading providers of ‘home away from home’ accommodation.

When SACO chose to join People™, we were thrilled – and so, we recently spent a few minutes talking to their HR and Training Officer Nina Paukkunen to find out more about why they decided to join the family, and how their experience was panning out so far.

“People™ is Modern, Cost-Effective and Flexible – Just What We Wanted”

Nina told us all about SACO’s belief in being flexible and finding new, better ways to work – and People™ fit the bill perfectly.

“We wanted to find HR software that was modern, available anytime anywhere, and cost-effective” she says “so we joined People™… and we love it! We can all access the software whilst at work, or from home. We are no longer tied to our desks, we can work from anywhere at any time. It is one of the most user friendly systems I have come across!”

People™ Helps SACO’s People Understand Each Other Better

Nina went on to tell us how the reporting functionality within the software has really helped the business: “It is one of the most useful features HR professionals could have” she explains “and we all especially love the Top Facts About the Company report – everybody can access it, and at a glance, can understand what kind of people SACO is made of!”.

“I’m No Longer Pointing Out Absences to Everybody”

The other area where SACO says that People™ excels, is in tackling problem absences.

“I’m no longer pointing out absences to everybody” Nina tells us. “Line Managers and their team members have really easy access to absence information, meaning I can focus on other areas of HR”.


Check SACO Out for Yourself

We think the people at SACO are incredible, and we love the look of what they offer – why don’t you take a look yourself by visiting their website? http://www.sacoapartments.com/

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