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Kate Thomas
Practice Relations Manager
Sid Valley Practice (NHS)
Devon, UK
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The friendly team of skilled staff at Sid Valley Practice work hard to provide a high standard of medical care. They work equally hard to maintain a motivated and hard-working approach to their jobs. To support this attitude, their Practice Relations Manager, Kate Thomas, implemented People HR. Kate says it has really helped to improve staff morale, and encourages them to support and praise each other.


Sid Valley Practice operates two successful medical centres in Sidmouth, Devon. Its friendly team of skilled staff are devoted to providing a high standard of medical care, and ensuring they maintain their motivated, hard-working approach to working. You can find out more about Sid Valley Practice by visiting their website here.

Sid Valley Practice is a customer with People, and so recently, we had a chat with their Practice Relations Manager, to find out how our HR software had helped them achieve their goals.

“People HR Has Improved Staff Morale”

Kate told us lots of lovely things about her experience with the software – she chose us initially because of the features we offered, and found that they really helped her with the organisation and management of HR.

Kate gave People a solid 10/10 rating when comparing it to the spreadsheets she was using previously, and she had lots of things to say that made our developers blush. But it was when she started talking about how the software had improved relations between staff that my ears really pricked up – this is the kind of comment I love to hear!

“The Holiday Planner allows staff to view availability and authorise holidays in a fair manner” explains Kate. “Plus, the Shift Pattern facility allows staff to change their hours easily, and you can set up future working patterns.”

Perhaps the best feedback regarding staff relations though, was when Kate started talking about our Thanks functionality:

“The Thanks page has really improved staff morale – it encourages them to praise each other! Staff love the Thanks page and the news feed.”


Better Visibility for Partners

Kate also added that People has helped her to keep her partners updated on important company information.

“The Reports facility is brilliant” she tells me. “It allows me to view information at the click of a switch, and I can give regular updates to my partners.

“I cannot speak highly enough about this system. It has completely changed the way in which I manage HR within our business. I am able to work far more efficiently, work closer with the staff, provide more professional reports to my partners, and I no longer require separate spreadsheets for everything!”

Thanks for your feedback, Kate – we love hearing stories like yours :)

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