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Wendy Murkin
HR Assistant
St Loye’s Foundation
Exeter, UK
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Founded in 1937, the St Loye’s Foundation is a non-profit organisation that enables people with disabilities to fulfil their potential in the community and society. Their HR Assistant, Wendy Murkin, already knew the team behind People HR – from the previous HR system they built, Simply Personnel. She says that People HR filled the gaps other HR systems were missing, and is pleased she made the move for her organisation.


St Loyes is a national charity that has been running more than 75 years. With a specialist focus on helping people with health, disability and social issues, their range of services include Employment Training, Care and Support, and support with Learning and Skills.

With more than 130 employees, in February 2014, they decided it was time to move to a new HR system – and we were delighted when they chose People™.

And so, more than 9 months later, we’ve decided to catch up with them and find out how they’re finding the system, and to discover why they chose us in the first place.

Why St Loyes Chose People™

Wendy Murkin had already heard of People™ because she had used Simply Personnel in a previous job.

“I was aware that some of Simply Personnel’s employees had left to create their own new system based on all of the bits that worked well plus much more” she explains “and when I checked out People™ for St Loyes, I loved the look of the features included in the system”.

How People™ Has Helped St Loyes the Most

The main area where People™ has helped St Loyes, according to Wendy, is the way it improves relationships amongst staff.

“Our favourite feature is Self Service” she tells us. “Staff really love it – in fact, we thought at first that it would be like any new system, where some people love it and some people hate it. But we are really delighted that everyone seems to be on the same page – they think it’s a great system, and they use it.”

After telling us that People™ scores 10/10 compared to the system they were using before, she goes on to say exactly why it is so much better:

1.    Staff Relationships

“The staff like that they can easily request leave and see at a glance the holidays they’ve booked. The same applies for sickness, and they can also access their training records and contracts. Managers find it really easy to use, too – with the old system, we would get several calls from people who were having trouble figuring it out; but now, we hardly get any calls at all.”

2.    Workforce Insights

“The reports system has been really easy to use. If we want to see how the sickness has been for a month or even a year, then we can create a report at the click of a button. Demographics, pay, training etc… all very easy to access, too”

3.    Having Fun at Work

“The screens are bright and colourful which really helps the employees to want to use the system. This was one of the first things that was mentioned when a few members of staff had an initial demonstration. They also really love the Thanks scheme, which lets them encourage their colleagues by sending badges and thank you messages for their helpfulness and knowledge”


In Summary: “Our lives here are so much easier!”

Wendy tells us that she uses the system every day, and would be lost without it.

“The system is quick, easy to use and regularly updated – it is eye-catching, and a pleasure to use!”

We would like to wish St Loyes the very best of luck with their charity – we know they provide a very valuable service, and we feel privileged to be providing their HR department with a service that has had such a positive impact on their operations.

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