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Carine Benoist
People and Development Manager
Edinburgh, UK
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Market leading web design and SEO marketing company, Trendzer, delivers engaging digital products for major industry clients. However, their paper-based HR processes were an error-prone obstacle to growth. After trying several systems, their People and Development Manager, Carine Benoist, joined People HR – and now enjoys far fewer questions about holiday entitlement from her employees, who can easily access their own records.


Trendzer is a market-leading provider of web design, SEO marketing and integrated cloud services for SMEs, based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. By partnering up with major industry clients and providing meaningful and engaging digital products, Trendzer adds immense value to the businesses within their 10,000 SME customer base. With 35 employees and growing fast, Carine Benoist, People & Development manager at Trendzer, decided it was time to upgrade their HR administration.

The Problem: Error-prone paper-based administration

Until recently, Trendzer’s HR administration was done on paper. This was time-consuming and prone to errors. An online system for HR was the next logical step. After some research and trialing demos, Carine chose People HR.

The Solution: An easy-to-use and all-inclusive system with great support

The main criteria I had for our new HR software was that it needed to be an easy-to-use and all-inclusive system” says Carine.

Carine was swayed by People HR once she saw how quick and straightforward it was to manage holiday requests.

I now don’t get so many questions asking how much annual leave colleagues have left” she says. “This saves me a lot of time, which I can use to focus on organising training and development.”

As Trendzer went from a paper system to an online system, there were a lot of documents to scan and data to put in. Carine explains: “People HR provided us with clear instructions and spreadsheets to enter the data into. Once I had sent it over, they had our system up and running within a day!

In the first few weeks of using the system, Carine found the live chat useful: “For small questions during the first few weeks, I would ask the People HR experts on the live chat and they gave me great support.


The Results: All the features you need, improved visibility, and great office banter!

Looking back on how things had progressed since Trendzer joined People, we asked Carine what their favourite features of People HR are. She said: “My favourite feature by far is the customisable reporting. There are pre-set reports, but with a few clicks I can generate customised reports on things like year of birth or absence. My colleagues appreciate how visual and clear the software is, and there is a bit of competitive talk around the office about the thanks badges!

Carine added that People HR has helped her develop better performance management processes: “Now all I need to do is enter the performance questions. They are automatically sent to the employees when it’s time for their review, and then they come back to the manager and me. People HR really has all the features you need and more!

You can learn more about Trendzer by visiting their website here.

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