Time Tracking



Rotaready is a powerful employee scheduling and time-tracking software that helps businesses manage their workforce more efficiently. With features like shift scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and payroll integration, Rotaready is designed to streamline HR workflows and improve productivity. 


At Access PeopleHR, we understand the importance of effective employee scheduling and time tracking, which is why we're excited to offer our seamless integration with Rotaready.


Here are some of the key benefits of our integration: 


Real-time data syncing: Easily transfer employee data between Rotaready and PeopleHR without additional data entry.


Streamlined scheduling: Schedule employees and manage their time off requests directly from PeopleHR, without the need for additional scheduling tools.


Time and attendance tracking: Use Rotaready's powerful time tracking features to track employee attendance and hours worked, and sync that data directly into PeopleHR.


Comprehensive reporting: Generate customized reports on employee scheduling, attendance, and more, using data from both Rotaready and PeopleHR.


Easy setup and management: Our integration with Rotaready is designed to be easy to set up and manage, without any disruptions to your existing workflows.


By integrating Rotaready with PeopleHR, you can streamline your scheduling and time-tracking processes, reduce labour costs, and increase productivity, all while improving HR workflows. Our integration enables you to access real-time scheduling and attendance data, generate comprehensive reports and make data-driven decisions to optimize your workforce. 


At Access PeopleHR, we're committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to manage your workforce effectively.


Sign up for Access PeopleHR today and experience the benefits of our seamless integration with Rotaready for yourself. 

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