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Sage Payroll

Automatically send information you can audit from People to sage, and produce electronic payslips.


Update and manage shift patterns on both People & RotaCloud without having to do things twice.


Integrate People with Idency to securely manage your clocking in process.

Forms on fire

This integration allows you to add users to Forms on Fire from new starters in People.


Automatically populate your document templates in webmerge with information from People HR.


Tweet about your new starters added in People HR.


Get notified of new employees as a Moxtra message.


Create and assign new Manifestly checklists based on actions in People HR.

Process Street

Create Process Street checklists based on actions in People HR.

Org One

Integrate your organisation chart from Org One to be used as the default organisation chart for your company.

Org Chart Now

OrgChartNow provide cloud based organizational charting and workforce planning software.


Connect with over 750 other apps via Zapier.


Integrate your calendars for real time updates to make sure you'll never be missing an important date.

Google Docs

Integrate Google Docs or Google Drive files into your employee or company documents.


Manage employee's schedules and keep track of holidays and absences without having to duplicate data.


Transfer candidates within Greenhouse to new starters within People, automatically.


Rapidly improve employee engagement, motivation, staff retention, or reduce sickness and absence.


TapInOut allows employees to clock in or out for their shift, and feeds the data into your People system.


Integrate with OneLogin for a SAML SSO solution. OneLogin is free to use, and integrates with your AD.


Integrating with WS02 for a SAML SSO solution can help to provide a seamless experience for all employees.

Word and Excel

Integrate with Microsoft Word and Excel for mail merging and business analytics.

Azure Active Directory

Configure People on Azure Active Directory for single sign-on and easier user account management.


Integrating with Ping for a SAML SSO solution can help to provide a seamless experience for all employees.


Integrating with Okta for a SAML SSO solution can help to provide a seamless experience for all employees.

Earnie Payroll

Integrate People with Earnie Payroll for a flexible, scalable software solution from IRIS.

STAR Payroll

Integrate People with STAR payroll for reliable and accurate payroll processing.

Moorepay Payroll

Integrate with Moorepay to ensure your payroll is accurate, up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes.

Ceridian Payroll

Integrate People with Ceridian payroll to manage both your HR and payroll on the cloud with just an internet connection.

Bond Payroll

FMP Global offer fully or partly outsourced payroll management.

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