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Add and update employees in real time by integrating RotaReady with People HR.
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Rotaready is cutting-edge staff rota software, trusted by hundreds of businesses across retail, hospitality and leisure. It's effortlessly intuitive - Rotaready can even build your rota automatically for you, in seconds. There's also fully integrated clocking in & out, labour cost control, budgeting, beautiful reporting tools and mobile apps for the whole team.

Our integration combines the power of People's HR suite with Rotaready's employee scheduling platform, offering a fully joined-up solution. It can be enabled with only a few clicks, and it works live, in real-time, with no duplicated records or double entry of data!

Integration features:
The integration works live in real-time (no waiting for overnight updates or polling for changes!). Under the hood it connects the APIs and webhooks made available by both Rotaready and People.

Any updates to employee records in People are reflected in Rotaready automatically, including personal details and full salary history.

Any new employees added to People are added to Rotaready automatically, including the creation of pay history and a holiday allowance.

Any absence/holiday/leave bookings made in Rotaready are updated in People automatically.

It can be enabled in only a couple of clicks. Simply paste a People API key in Rotaready's settings page and create mappings for absence types, departments and locations (or set defaults). Then paste Rotaready's webhook URL into People's settings page.