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Tacita Small
HR Director
Ministry of Sound
London, UK
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Ministry of Sound was established in 1991 as a London nightclub. It has since grown into a leading independent record label and global events brand. Their HR Director, Tacita Small, joined People HR to help her use HR to support business growth. Since implementing the system, Tacita says that employees all feel more connected with the brand, and that the software is helping her to boost employee engagement.


Established in 1991, Ministry of Sound started out as a London nightclub, and evolved over the years into a successful entertainment enterprise with its own independent record label, radio station and worldwide events brand.

We were delighted when Ministry of Sound chose to use People as their company’s Human Resources Management System, and we recently had the pleasure of catching up with their HR Director, Tacita, who gave us some lovely feedback on why she chose People, and how her people have found the software since implementation:

“We wanted something that would evolve with the times…”

Tacita told us that the reason she chose People over the other systems on the market, was because she wanted something that would evolve with the times. We think this is some of the best feedback we could get, as we designed People from the start to be a continuously evolving system, and we love that our customers place high value on that. It’s something we’re really passionate about.

In fact, for fun, we published a Timeline of Events in our Employee Handbook, and once we’d reached the year we were in, we carried on into the future – I’m pretty sure that our Handbook predicts that our software will develop artificial intelligence and pilot a rocket to the moon in just a few short years, so keep your eyes open for that.


How People has Helped Ministry of Sound

We asked Tacita how People has helped Ministry of Sound the most:

“It has helped us use HR to support our business growth” explains Tacita “and our employees all feel more connected with the business – they love the Self Service functionality, and love that they can access its great modern interface using their smart phones.”

On top of this Tacita believes that the software is working hard to improve engagement levels throughout the workforce. She says that because managers can now easily see more insights and statistics about their staff, they feel more accountable for ensuring their staff are engaged.

We’d love to thank Tacita for her feedback, and if you want to discover great music or events, we can recommend heading over to their website: ministryofsound.com

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