Announcing our new customer API


With the new Paycircle customer API, bureaus can now get direct access to their data and subscribe to services to receive alerts for payroll activities.

As a cloud platform, our entire application is built using API technology. Our internal user interface developers use APIs to send and receive information to and from our own platform platform, and our plan was always to have an open API for easy integrations with third party apps. We’ve just published our first version of our open API, which is specifically for our customers however, it’s not yet fully ‘open’ to third parties. That’s coming a little later in 2021.

The reason the open API is currently restricted to customers is because the API key currently uses authorisation mechanisms that enable users to access their own payroll data for data migration and integration into other internal systems only. Third parties cannot currently access Paycircle data on behalf of Paycircle customers because this access requires a more advanced API authorisation mechanism, which is currently in development and due for release later this year.

With this first version, our bureau and agency customers will still be able to do all of the things that they want to do as the API enables full access to their bureau’s data, along with the ability to push data back into the Paycircle app.

For a full list of current APIs, developers can visit our open API area, or contact our support team for more info.

Please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to add to this API list as we’re adding to it regularly.

Author: Catherine Pinkney