It’s the end of an era, we’re growing up!

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It’s a sad time at Paycircle HQ.

This month, we’re retiring some of our brand characters. We’re waving bye-bye to our Vikings, our robots, and our Hawaiian dancers.

In our next software release, we’ll be replacing our Vikings, hula dancers, and robots with newer brand graphics. It’s just a brand evolution and a point we’ve got to in our design journey. We’re all obviously very sad to see them go but we’re also very happy that we’re growing up and starting to fit into our big-brand-pants.

Not everyone will be sorry to see their demise though. While lots of our users have said that they were really cool and that they brought smiles to people’s faces, others have said that they couldn’t wait to see the back of them. And some people possibly barely even noticed that they were there anyway! Well, whatever your views, we thought we’d let you know that they’re leaving and that their departure marks the end of a mini-era for us.

Paycircle merchandise

To commiserate (or celebrate!) we’ll be offering Paycircle brand character memorabilia to our community.

If you’re up for some Paycircle freebies, message us with your comments, telling us what you liked (or hated) about our characters, and we’ll get some merch sent out to you and your team.

Author: Catherine Pinkney