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With nearly 20 years’ experience, Capital Economics LTD has built a strong reputation as one of the world’s leading independent economic research companies. Their Group Finance Manager, Tim Page, was trying to share his People HR data with Sage Payroll, but was running into issues. After speaking to support, the problem was quickly identified – and a bespoke software update quickly applied, which has helped Tim move further away from his reliance on paper.


Tim Page is the Group Finance Manager of Capital Economics Ltd. Capital Economics Ltd was established in 1999, and over the decades has built a solid reputation as one of the world’s leading independent economic research companies. Their services cover the global economy and financial markets, and they provide regional research across 14 global districts including the US, the UK, China, the Middle East and Latin America.

As a customer of People®, Tim Page recently decided to integrate all of the company’s payroll data with their HR Information System. Tim hoped that this would boost payroll transparency for employees throughout the company; but with so much data to migrate, and with deep concerns about the read-write access the two environments would have with each other, Tim knew that this payroll integration would provide its fair share of challenges. We catch up with Tim to find out more.

The Challenge: Streamlining Payroll to Avoid Manual Distribution

Tim Page, Group Finance Manager of Capital Economics, was spending too many hours distributing payslips around the office by hand. Not only was this an inefficient use of his own time, but it was causing other employees to spend too much time away from their desks, and it was gathering a stack of unclaimed payslips in the payroll cupboard.

Tim decided that it was time to go electronic with Payroll distribution – and as a People® customer, he felt that integrating Sage Payroll with his HR information system was the way forward.

My initial concern was about how much read-write access the two environments would have, and how this would impact the way we currently perform payroll” Tim says. “The second challenge was in the formatting of the payslips. Despite following the instructions given, when I uploaded the payslips for testing, they didn’t have the look or feel of a professionally produced payslip – this is important, as many employees rely on payslips for purposes such as proof of address.

Instead of giving up and reverting to paper payslips, Tim tried to combat this issue by re-formatting the payslips himself in Sage… but he found that this prevented them being loaded into People® as intended, meaning Tim was at a loose end.

The Solution: People® Support to the Rescue

When Tim contacted the People® support team to discuss his issue, we knew we had to do something to help.

The support team were really helpful” says Tim. “They approached my problem positively, and took time to find out how the software could accommodate the changes I had made to the formatting.

After some investigation, our support team managed to identify exactly why the new payslips weren’t loading properly, and we immediately started working on a bespoke software update, using Tim’s Sage template as a guide, to ensure that Capital Economics Ltd’s data migration could be handled smoothly and quickly.

After they released the new patch, I was able to upload my payslips electronically without a hitch” confirms Tim.


The Result: A Streamlined and Transparent Payroll Process that Employees Love

When we spoke to Tim again to find out whether he’d achieved his goals, he responded very positively.

Making the process electronic has reduced the time spent on this part of the payroll process” he says. “Not only this, but with the changes I made to the payslip format, along with the technical help from People®, I was able to communicate the changes across the company, safe in the knowledge that the new payslips would work and look, even better than they did in print form. Staff feedback has been positive, and it’s helped drive us away from a reliance on paper documents.

Tim also told us that he believes this successful integration will help his company to free up more time in future, when employees undoubtedly ask for a payslip from March three years ago. He told us that it has seriously improved transparency for staff, especially the Sales team who are paid varying amounts of commission.

We’re really pleased we were able to address these issues with the help of Tim, and we’re even more pleased that Capital Economics Ltd achieved the electronic Payroll integration of their dreams.

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