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We've teamed up with PayFit, to help you automate even more routine tasks - Your monthly payroll done in 3 clicks.

In People HR we have found a fantastic SaaS partner. Like PayFit, People HR is dedicated to saving businesses more time by automating dull and repetitive tasks. We’re excited to see our Payfit integration with People HR revolutionise day-to-day HR tasks for forward-thinking companies across the UK.


Abigail Murgatroyd, Partnerships Manager at PayFit.

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Automate your payroll by integrating with Europe's fastest-growing, cloud-based payroll software

PayFit is on a mission to simplify payroll for small and medium-sized businesses.  

Their hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds, combining the control and visibility of an in-house software with the expertise of an outsourced payroll provider.  

Visibility and automation make payroll management easy and fuss-free. 

Got questions about compliance or legislation? PayFit’s dedicated payroll experts are on hand to offer support anytime, anywhere. 

Why automate your payroll?

The answer is simple - time!  

Automating your payroll gives you more time to focus on the core tasks that impact your organisation.

Imagine having more time for revenue growth, employee development and smarter decision-making?

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Seamless payroll & HR processes

PayFit integrates with People HR for a comprehensive HR management experience.  

Avoid manual errors and clunky data entry with seamless data transfer and sharing.

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Expertise, automation and transparency, all at your fingertips


Automate core payroll tasks

Produce all your monthly outputs for a quick and easy payroll run, including payslips, RTI and pension submissions, accounting journals, and reports.


Access dedicated support

Get help and support from CIPP qualified payroll professionals who are on-hand to answer all your questions.


Ensure transparency

Monthly payslips include full breakdowns of payroll figures for increased trust and transparency.


Issue custom reports

Gain insight into key metrics and trends with PayFit’s robust reporting functionality. Improve long-term forecasts and financial planning with customisable reports.


Integrate with accounting

PayFit’s payroll journals are compatible with all major accounting software. Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks, Sage or NetSuite for a seamless end-to-end experience.


Compliance and data security

As an ISO 27001 certified software, PayFit is reviewed by an independent auditor and is committed to keeping your data safe. PayFit is also HMRC-approved to ensure full legislative compliance.