Announcing the launch of the Paycircle User Community Forum!

Paycircle Community Forum illustration

We’re really excited to announce that we have recently launched our Paycircle User Community Forum and all Paycircle users are automatically entitled to be members!

The main purpose of the forum is to enable and encourage conversation and the sharing of ideas, amongst people who have similar goals and interests. It’s for us (the Paycircle team) and our users to interact with each other so that we can continue to build an excellent and relevant software platform together.

Members of the Paycircle community will be able to:

  • View the Paycircle development roadmap
  • Suggest features and enhancements for others to vote and comment on
  • Vote and comment on other people’s suggestions for features and enhancements
  • Give and receive support to and from other community members

Your spaces forum example

The Paycircle Community is for everyone. It’s a place where everyone can have a voice, offer their ideas and share their feedback and experiences.

We’ve made anonymity optional when signing up so that all of our users have a choice as to whether they use their real name or a nickname when they register. Whether users are anonymous or not, as with all social media platforms, members are seen as individuals and not as representatives of the companies that they are associated with, unless they express otherwise or explicitly say so. And, for reassurance, email addresses are not visible to other community users, only to Paycircle Community administrators.

We really hope that you get lots out of being part of the user community and we really can’t wait to see you there!

Author: Catherine Pinkney