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HR software training: how much does it cost?

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It is easy to overlook the cost of HR software training when comparing providers. Most providers base their pricing structure on a cost per user, per month basis. But this rarely includes any extra training you may need.

Here at Access PeopleHR, we understand that confusion around pricing can easily lead to frustration. Even more so if you are not clear on added costs.

With that in mind, this article tackles the topic of HR software training head-on. We’ll also address the cost of People HR training. After reading, you’ll get a better sense of what to expect and any costs you may not have expected.

How much does HR software training cost?

The cost of HR software training can vary amongst providers, and certain factors will influence how much you’ll pay. You should expect training to cost up to £200 per hour. For a full day of training, you should expect to pay in the region of £1,000-£1,500.

Factors that influence the cost of HR software training: 

  • Type of package. HR software has varying levels of functionality and complexity. Those on a basic HR software package wouldn't need as much training as those on a more advanced package, for example. 
  • User experience. Tech-savvy individuals (or those who have used business software previously) will grasp new software faster than someone who is a complete novice.  
  • In-person or virtual training. The training format can be adapted to suit the needs of the company. Of course, there will be no travel expenses for virtual training sessions. This could influence the cost of training.  

How much does PeopleHR software training cost?

People HR training costs £175 per hour and a full day costs £1050. For that price, one of our experts will provide you with a thorough training session on all the software’s core features. Before the session, your trainer will contact you to discuss the core features of the software you’ll use most. They will then plan the session based on your requirements. In other words, the training is totally personalised.  

We recognise that a full day of training – particularly if done virtually – isn’t the most conducive to learning. So, we may suggest splitting that training up over the course of a few days or weeks.  

Whilst you can request virtual training, we still advocate in-person training. This way, we ensure users get a unique and thorough experience. Participants can also ask questions more freely and openly.  

Whatever your preferred medium – in person or virtual – our main priority is to ensure users are confident to use the software in its entirety.  

What in-house costs do I have to think about?

Of course, any time outside of your day-to-day will come at a cost to your business. The severity of this will depend on the type of industry you’re in. A business in the hospitality industry may not want to lose a full day’s trade, for example.

Your provider should be sensitive to your work-based commitments and accommodate your needs. It might be a better choice to split your sessions over several days or weeks. This will ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

If you choose to host a training session on your premises, then you should consider extra costs. This includes food, hotels and other expenses.

What is HR software training and why does it cost?

HR software training is a process that consists of focussed and practical activities, aimed to teach you how to use your chosen software’s features. Training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to use the software effectively within your organisation. 

HR software training can take anywhere from hours to days to complete and is led by a trained expert. For this reason, training is chargeable. Added fees should be communicated and agreed upon beforehand and will normally appear in your first month’s invoice.

Want to learn more about HR software training & implementation?

The cost of training isn’t always clear on HR software provider websites. This is mainly because there are various factors that affect cost. With that in mind, the figures provided in this article are a ‘ballpark’ rather than a set-in-stone cost. It’s a good idea to agree on a training schedule and cost, before signing an agreement with your HR software provider. 

If you are interested in Access PeopleHR as a potential partner, feel free to check out our 4-step implementation process. This highlights what you should expect during those early phases of set-up. Or, if you want to get a better understanding of HR software pricing, visit our pricing page.

Gareth Moss
By Gareth Moss New Business Sales Team Leader

Gareth Moss is a New Business Sales Team Leader with nearly a decade of experience in the Access PeopleHR product. Gareth specialises in serving those within the SMB market, and his passion lies in helping businesses streamline their HR operations. Before transitioning into his current role, Gareth was a HR software product trainer, making him your ‘go to’ guy for all things PeopleHR.