Loving the mentions

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Just to let you know… 👀👇😎

We’ve recently made a couple of enhancements to our ‘Notes’ feature, specifically the @mentions functionality. We did this because our customers asked us to 💛

We’ve added in the ability for bureau teams to monitor each other’s @mentions. This is useful for when people go on holiday, or if someone is out of office, or off sick.

In Paycircle, employers and bureaus can collaborate using a ‘Notes’ area that appears in both the employer app and the bureau app. Employers can leave bureau teams information and instructions and attach files to the notes they leave. Bureau teams can leave notes for employers to give payroll updates and ask questions relating to payroll.

When leaving notes, both employers and bureau teams can ‘mention’ people using the @ key followed by the person’s name and this triggers an email (for employers) or an alert (for bureau team members). The @mention is used to give someone a ‘tap on the shoulder’ to let them know there is a message, specifically for them, that needs their attention. 

Our latest enhancement to this feature means that a bureau can keep track of all @mentions and ensure that nothing ever gets overlooked.

Author: Catherine Pinkney