Paycircle 2021 roundup

Happy Employees

We’re really looking forward to 2022!
But first, some highlights from 2021 💥💪👏

We’re really looking forward to this year as we have so much planned – more software, more team members, more customers, and lots more users! It really is set to be quite an exciting one.

Before we set off full steam ahead into 2022, we wanted to take a minute to reflect a bit on last year’s achievements. We’ve picked out some of the highlights to share with you here.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of our customers, fans, and supporters. Thanks for being part of the Paycircle journey so far 🙌. In 2021, we achieved the things we achieved because of you and because of your continued support, participation, and feedback. For all of that, we are truly grateful.

On behalf of the whole Paycircle team, wishing you all a healthy and ebullient 2022.

In 2021 we did…

69 paycircle releases

That’s more than one per week 😍 Because we welcome feedback and respond rapidly to it, (because we can, because of the way Paycircle is architected) we like to publish the changes we make as soon as they are ready. If our customers ask for improvements, we want them to have them straight away and not wait 6 months for the benefits. Hence 65 releases in 52 weeks – whilst maintaining an uninterrupted service.

Which included…

Paycircle new features

That’s more than one per day 😱 In 2021 we added a lot of enhancements to existing features, based upon our customer feedback. We also added some whopper features like; medical payrolls, occupational policies, expat functionality, single sign on, cloning payrolls and a new in-app support library.

We grew this much…

Paycircle growth

In 2021, many bureaus large and small chose Paycircle as their new software platform and they started their migration away from their legacy software and into the cloud. Some even started and completed the whole project in just a few months (well done to them, amazing work 👏). As a company, we haven’t done any marketing or advertising as yet and our growth is purely down to word-of-mouth. So, it looks like that means that our customers are saying nice things about us, which makes us both very happy and very proud.

We started getting noticed…

Paycircle linkedin growth

In 2021 we started posting updates about our features and services on social media for our customers who follow us there to see. It seems it’s not just our customers who are following our progress now. On LinkedIn we gained over 1000 followers in just a few months. It looks like we’re going to have to post lots of interesting content this year, to keep our viewers engaged!

If you don’t already, why not join them and follow us for regular updates and info on our features, webinars, and events?

We launched a community…

Paycircle forum growth

In November 2021, we launched the Paycircle User Community Forum and all of our users were automatically invited to be members. The purpose of building a forum was to support and encourage conversations about the Paycircle platform and to have a place where people who have similar goals and interests can share ideas. It’s been a great success already and lots of our users have joined and are suggesting features and enhancements for others to comment and vote on. We’ve already added in a couple of enhancements that were requested on the forum and voted for by our members and we’ll be doing much more of that in 2022!

If you’ve not joined yet and you want to, please contact our support team for your personal invitation.

paycircle training academy

Last summer we launched an initiative to provide free Paycircle training for apprentices and new starters. To support bureaus who are bringing new talent into the industry, we decided to offer regular, free, training courses to help smooth the onboarding and education process. We only started the initiative in July and we’ve already trained more than 50 new people 💥

We also started a Feature Webinar Series, where we offer free training webinars on both new and existing features. We will be continuing these training initiatives, and more, in 2022.

And we welcomed a few new faces…

Paycircle team pets

As our team grows, so does the number of Paycircle pooches! We welcomed 3 new pups in 2021 – Elton the Sausage Dog, Ziggy the Pomeranian, and Benny the PatterJack. They join Spud, Caspian, Jess, Riley, and the rest of the Paycircle pack. We adore their owners too but thought that a montage of dog pictures made for a much more interesting and cute sign-off!

Looking forward to 2022 with everyone 🤩

Author: Catherine Pinkney