Paycircle May 2021 new features

Happy Productive Employees

At Paycircle we often talk about our ‘Love Features’. We like talking about them, we like building them and, most of all, we like delivering them!

Our love features are features and enhancements that our users have asked us to deliver – to make their lives a little bit easier, or to improve their experience just a little bit more. We always factor in time to deliver these love features because we know they make a big difference.

In May we delivered a few love features, because well, it’s spring, and we wanted to share some springtime happiness.

Here’s a quick roundup of our latest love features.

Digital document manager

We built a digital document manager because our customers asked us to. They told us that being able to store documents, digitally, along with employee payroll records would be really really helpful. So, we jiggled our development roadmap to include it and now our customers have it. It’s just a little feature but one that helps our bureau customers by keeping everything online and in one place.

Assuming another users role and permissions

Our bureau customers told us that having the ability to see the Paycircle app, as their own customers see it, would be a really useful tool. They said that it would help them to support employers throughout the payroll process and also help them make sure they had given their employers the correct level of access and the appropriate permissions for them to use Paycircle as an effective tool.

We listened, and we built a new feature that we call ‘Assuming another’s Role and Permissions’ and it’s one of our latest ‘Love’ features.

The Paycircle platform allows multiple people to collaborate to manage payroll. Each person can have their own unique and bespoke interface to view the data they need and perform their specific tasks and functions. These views can be the generic ‘Roles’ that come as standard in Paycircle, such as, ‘Bureau Manager’ or ‘Company Admin’. Views can also be customised by a bureau, at a granular level, to exquisitely manage what others can see, access and edit.

It really is a powerful tool and something that sets Paycircle uniquely apart from other bureau platforms.

Cloning payroll

We’ve just added payroll cloning to our payroll ‘scenario testing’ tool kit! We’ve always had our Playground area for Paycircle users to play with new features and test out scenarios, we’ve now added in the functionality to clone a complete company to carry out test payroll calculations too.

When running payroll, users sometimes want to test out different payroll calculations or features without worrying about messing up any real company data. This might be to trial certain pay elements or types of schedules, test out payroll and pension calculations, or run a fake BACS file before applying it to a company. With Paycircle, you can make an exact copy of a company, at a specific point in time, to run all your tests on, without having any impact on the live company that you cloned it from. You can also save the cloned company to refer back to later.

In-app help and support

We’re really excited to announce the release of our new, in-app, Feature Guide Library!

It’s resource-rich and it’s real-time. Whatever you’re working on in the Paycircle app, you can click a button at any time and get inline help on that topic or area of payroll. Watch a quick video or read a quick ‘how-to’ guide and then just carry on with what you were doing – no time wasted searching for help outside of where you’re at.

There’s also an area to find out about new features and enhancements as soon as they’re released, plus access to the full resource library in a really easy-to-navigate page, all located right inside the Paycircle app. 

Go check them all out and let us know what you think!

Author: Catherine Pinkney