Three Places to Advertise Your Job Vacancy

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It’s not enough these days to stick a notice up on your office windows saying “We’re Hiring!” – so here are three places to advertise jobs that you might want to consider during your quest to find some hot, fresh talent.




There are plenty of job sites floating around the Internet, but is one of the better examples – it has a very large audience of enthusiastic jobseekers, and reaches an international audience, meaning you can find talent from all over the world.


To post your job advert on, simply visit their website, create an account and off you go. You can post adverts for free, or for bigger or more complex recruitment drives, you can opt for their paid services.


2. Government Website (UK/Europe)


If your business is based in the UK, then you can take advantage of the Government’s own talent-matching service, Universal Jobmatch.


The service will show your job advert to suitable candidates and send applications to your account for review – you can even choose to have your advert pushed to audiences across Europe if you’re looking for very specific talent and want to widen your search parameters.


You can get started using the Government’s Universal Jobmatch service here.


3. University Careers Services


If you like the idea of hiring a graduate, then you can even get in touch with your local University (or even a non-local University if you want to attract more attention to the position), and ask them to advertise your vacancy via their own career development services.


Most Universities will have programmes in place for helping graduates find new jobs, Internships and Placements, so if you’re interested in investing in freshly-educated talent, then this might be a nice idea to try. 


Where Else do You Advertise Vacancies?


We’d like to know what’s worked the best for you when advertising vacancies with your company. Where do you advertise jobs? Which places have had the best response rates? Which have found you the greatest employees in your company’s history? Drop us a comment to let us know.