Project Timesheets

Employees can submit project timesheets for authorisation. Straight forward reporting from our Query option allows you to produce summarised reports

QR Code

Control sign in and sign out zones with geo-fenced QR codes. Generate QR codes locked to specific locations and allow employees to use their smart phones to sign in and out. All ready for review and payroll.

Tap in Out

Allow employees to clock in and out using a central IPAD or IPHONE located in at key entry or exit points. Extremely easy to deploy and maintain

Personal Tap In Out

Allow employees to sign in and out manually using the web application or mobile application, with mobile you can control the geo-fence


People is integrated with a wide range of Anviz clocks and can automatically collect clock in and out data from your clocks and load them against employee records, ready for review and payroll *clocks purchased separately


Control sign in and sign limited to specific geo-fence zones, allow automatic signing in and out or manual.*beacons purchased separately

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