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Amy Critchley
HR and Training Manager
Ascot Racecourse
Ascot, UK
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Founded by Queen Anne in 1711, Ascot Racecourse is an important part of British heritage. Their HR and Training Manager, Amy Critchley, decided to join People HR because she wanted a better way to manage HR issues while out and about – especially during race days. Now, Amy loves being able to grab important details about her workforce really fast, and from anywhere in the world – including the racetrack!


Founded by Queen Anne in 1711, and still boasting strong Royal connections to this very day, Ascot Racecourse has spent more than 300 years establishing itself as a centrepiece of British culture and heritage.

Recently, Ascot Racecourse Ltd decided to implement People™’s HR system – and we’ve been given the pleasure of a quick catch-up with Amy Critchley, HR and Training Manager, to find out why they joined People™, and how it has helped them since.

“I needed something I could use anywhere on any device”

Flexibility is a huge concern for companies whose operations see them out and about on an almost daily basis – and managing a Racecourse is about as ‘out and about’ as you can get.

“When working a Raceday, my casual staff often ask how long they’ve been working for Ascot” says Amy. “Before People™, I would have to wait until I got enough time to do the relevant research and then write up an email. But now, I can tell them there and then with just a couple of clicks”.

People™ Helps Ascot Racecourse Ltd Understand More About Their Workforce

It’s not just information on-demand that has impressed Ascot Racecourse Ltd – Amy says that the software has helped her to understand her workforce better and present better reports.

“Being fairly new to the company, I’ve had to learn a lot of information very fast about my workforce” says Amy. “People™ has given me a great understanding of employee demographics, and I’m starting to identify patterns and trends. I also have the wonderful ability to pull great details about Recruitment and Absence really fast, which I use for the management report”.


Amy’s Favourite Feature: The Applicant Tracking System

Amy’s favourite feature is the Applicant Tracking System.

The Applicant Tracking System lets our customers manage entire recruitment drives with the tap of a few buttons – from publishing vacancies, to organising applications. The feature even lets customers add unsuccessful but talented applicants to their Talent Pool for future vacancies.

We’re so pleased we’ve helped Ascot Racecourse Ltd to work more easily on the go, and to understand more about their people. We look forward to a strong relationship for many years to come!

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