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6 Benefits Of Workflow Management For Digital HR

6 Benefits Of Workflow Management For Digital HR


As a modern-day SMB, you’re probably familiar with certain digital processes when it comes to your business. They are essential in today’s fast-based and competitive market. But have you considered the role that workflow management can play in your SMB’s HR digital transformation 

Workflow management is an often overlooked but essential component of digital HR. It can improve communication, boost productivity and streamline overall processes.  

In this article, we’ll explore 6 of the top benefits of workflow management for digital HR. If you’re new to the concept of workflow management or HR digital transformation, you’ve come to the right place. After reading, you’ll come away with a comprehensive understanding of how workflow management can improve your HR performance.  

What is Digital HR?

Digital HR refers to the process of integrating technology with HR management. It involves the use of digital tools and analytics to automate processes, improve employee experience and optimise business operations.  

It includes many aspects of HR management. For example, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development and employee engagement. By using digital tools like HR software, SMBs can: 

  • Streamline processes 
  • Improve data accuracy 
  • Reduce administrative workload 

It can also leverage data analytics to gain various insights. These include employee performance, identifying skill gaps and making data-driven decisions to improve workforce productivity.  

What is digital HR transformation? 

Digital HR transformation is when you integrate digital tools into all aspects of HR management. Its primary aims are to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the employee experience. It involves adopting various digital solutions to automate HR processes, analyse workforce data and make data-led decisions.  

To foster HR digital transformation, SMBs need to adopt a strategic approach. This will involve: 

  • Identifying areas that can benefit from digitisation 
  • Assessing the current technology landscape 
  • Defining your desired future state – i.e. where do you want to be in, say, five years? 

The benefits of digital HR transformation 

There are many benefits of digital HR. Some of them include:  

  • Reduced admin 
  • Improved data accuracy 
  • Better employee experience 
  • Improved compliance 
  • Increased productivity   
  • Cost savings 

To expand further on the above, the benefits of digital HR transformation also include: 

  • Streamlined processes, leading to reduced administrative workload 
  • Improved data accuracy, leading to better decision-making 
  • Enhanced employee experience and engagement – For example, HR self-service 
  • Improved compliance with employment laws and regulations 
  • Increased productivity – through the use of automation 
  • Cost savings, by eliminating manual or paper-based processes
  • Better access to HR reporting tools 
  • Faster response times to employees – i.e. holiday requests 
  • Increased digital agility and the ability to adapt to changing business needs 

By adopting digital HR, you can focus on other strategic areas that drive business success. For more information on how HR can improve processes, check out our recent article –  5 ways on how to improve HR improves processes 

What is workflow management?

Workflow management is when businesses automate various processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance productivity. It involves looking at (and mapping out) steps in a process. It then requires you to assign tasks to individuals or teams, set deadlines and monitor progress. With an effective workflow management system in place, you can eliminate bottlenecks/barriers and improve overall work quality.  

Workflow management plays a key role in managing HR processes. These include onboarding, performance management, leave management and more. By implementing workflow management tools, you can reduce repetition and errors within tasks, save time, and improve employee experience.  

For example, an effective workflow management system can automatically route an employee’s leave request to their manager for approval, notify the HR person when a new employee completes their onboarding tasks and send reminders for when performance reviews are approaching.  

To find out more about how HR software can save you time, read our article – How HR software saves time. 

The 6 benefits of workflow management for digital HR

Now that we have a better understanding of digital HR tech and the benefits of digital HR, let’s take a look at the benefits of implementing workflow management into your SMB. Here are six ways workflow management can help you become more efficient and productive. 

1. Outdated tasks are eliminated 

Workflow management tools can help identify outdated and unnecessary tasks. These tasks could be eliminated or automated to save time and resources. For example, manual data entry can be preplaced with automated data transfer. This can reduce the risk of error, whilst saving time.  

2. Human error is low 

Automating HR processes through digital HR tech can reduce the risk of human error. This will improve accuracy and consistency. For example, a workflow management system will ensure that all required steps in a process are completed correctly and on time.  

3. Enhanced collaboration & communication 

Workflow management tools can also improve communication and collaboration among team members. This can reduce the risk of miscommunication and delays. For example, automated notifications can be sent to team members when tasks are assigned or completed. This reduces the need for a manual follow-up.  

4. Improved productivity 

Workflow management tools can help teams become more productive. If you are the sole person responsible for HR within your SMB, you will no doubt be grappling with various manual tasks. Workflow management can streamline many of your processes, for example, when onboarding new employees. Not only will this save you time, but it will also make the employee’s experience more enjoyable.  

5. Better accountability  

By utilisng workflow management tools and digital HR tech, you can also improve accountability. This can be achieved by providing visibility into progress and tracking completion of tasks. For example, automated reminders can be sent to managers to ensure certain tasks are completed on time.   

6. Overall improvement of products & services 

Implementing workflow management within digital HR can also improve overall business operations. This can lead to better products and services for your customers and clients. Through streamlining processes, reducing errors, improving productivity and collaboration, you can focus on providing the best possible experience for your employees. And this translates to a better experience for customers and clients.  

See the best results with Workflow Management software

Now we’ve covered what is workflow management, you will be aware that it is an essential step for any SMB looking to transform their HR processes. By adopting HR digital transformation, you can reap the benefits of improved productivity, reduced error, enhanced collaboration and better accountability. All these combined can even result in improved products and services.  

Handling workflow management manually can be complex, however. That’s why it is worth investing in  Ripple® - HR workflow management software. Such software can make the transformation process smooth and straightforward. With a digital HR workflow management software like Ripple, you can experience significant improvements in your HR processes in a matter of months. This will lead to better results and a more productive workforce.  

If you’re interested in our HR software and our Ripple functionality, take advantage of a free trial 

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