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7 ways to save time with HR workflow automation

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In today’s competitive business world, time is a valuable resource. As an SMB, you are under constant pressure to find ways to be more streamlined and efficient… all whilst reducing costs. Not an easy undertaking.  

One way that SMBs are achieving these goals is by implementing HR workflow automation. By automating repetitive, error-prone HR tasks, you can save time and focus on higher-value initiatives.  

Before we dive in, let’s briefly outline the fundamental elements of HR workflow automation. In basic terms, it involves using technology to standardise HR processes. This can include tasks like candidate screening, interview scheduling and document management. There are many benefits to be gained from HR workflow automation. For example, improved accuracy and greater compliance.  

In this article, we’ll explore seven ways that HR workflow software can help your business save time and improve efficiency. Let’s get started.  

What is HR workflow automation?

HR workflow automation involves the use of technology to streamline repeatable HR tasks and processes. For example, you could create a recruitment workflow to standardise and speed up your recruitment processes. Other  tasks could include onboarding, payroll and performance management – to name a few. With HR workflow automation, software tools are used to standardise processes and cut down on manual efforts. It is used amongst HR professionals to boost productivity, reduce errors and improve compliance.  

For example, Access PeopleHR’s workflow automation software, Ripple, can automate an entire HR workflow, from job posting to candidate screening, interview scheduling and document management.  

7 workflows which can be automated with software 

HR professionals are responsible for a variety of HR tasks – from recruitment to payroll. These tasks can be time-consuming, repetitive and error prone. This can be even more challenging for an SMB who doesn’t have a dedicated HR professional in-house. If you can relate to this, you will understand the impact this has on your valuable resources.  

By automating these HR workflows with software, you can save time, reduce errors and focus on higher value tasks.  

In this section, we’ll explore seven workflows that can be automated using HR workflow automation software.  

1. Onboarding new employees 

The employee onboarding process can be time consuming and repetitive. And a poor experience can impact a new employee’s perception of your company. You may be used to manually entering new hire information into multiple systems, send out new hire packs and coordinate orientation sessions.  

By automating the onboarding process using HR workflow software, you can eliminate the manual effort and reduce errors. For example, you can set up a recruitment workflow by integrating it with applicant tracking software. This allows new hire information to flow seamlessly from the recruiting stage to onboarding.  

2. Document and information management 

Document and information management is a critical aspect of any organisation's operations. However, it can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Managing various documents and information can quickly become overwhelming. Repetitive tasks like data entry, manual tracking, and sorting through information can lead to errors and delays. 

HR workflow software automates manual tasks related to document and information management. This includes data entry, document routing, and approvals. It also ensures documents are stored properly, secured, and easy to find, reducing the time and effort required to locate them. 

3. Processing payroll 

Manually processing payroll poses risks of compliance issues and staff payment errors. If you enter data, calculate deductions, and generate reports manually, you know these risks. HR workflow automation can automate payroll processing. This saves time, reduces errors, and ensures compliance. 

Access PeopleHR’s workflow software can be integrated with our payroll software. This allows you to automate your payroll workflow processing.  

4. Training and development 

Setting up a recruitment workflow process is one thing, but what happens once your team is fully integrated into your culture? Managing your employee training can also be time-consuming and repetitive. HR professionals often have to manually enter data into training systems, schedule training sessions and track employee performance. With an automated HR workflow in place, you can streamline this entire process, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.  

Many HR systems allow you to integrate workflow management software with performance review software. This can allow you to create personalised development plans based on employee performance. Learn more about PeopleHR’s performance review software 

5. Authorising time off 

Another area that is prone to error is when authorising time off. HR professionals often need to manually enter time off requests, review them and coordinate schedules. With HR workflow automation, you can simplify the entire process. When integrating it with absence management software, you can allow employees to request time off directly through the system. You can then enable managers to approve requests with just a few clicks.  

6. Approving expenses 

When approving expenses, you often have to manually enter data into expense management systems, review receipts and documentation and process reimbursements.  

With workflow automation software, you can create customised expense workflows. This enables employees to easily submit expense reports, so that management can review and approve them in just a few clicks. This can then seamlessly work with your payroll workflow processing. Read more on this in our expenses management guide.  

7. Employee offboarding 

The offboarding process can also be repetitive and time consuming. With an automated HR workflow, many of these tasks can be automated. These include exit surveys, or feedback forms, or even exploring leave options such as PILON. Not only will this improve your processes, but it will provide key insights, helping you to improve your retention efforts.  

Benefits of using HR workflow automation software

HR workflow automation software brings numerous benefits to organisations, regardless of their size. For those looking to grow, workflow automation can help deliver significant productivity gains, allowing you to focus more on your strategic initiatives.  

6 benefits of HR workflow automation software: 

  • Saves unnecessary admin time 
  • Reduces the risk of error 
  • Improves adaptability to remote or hybrid working 
  • Transparency and clearly defined roles 
  • Ensures data is secure 
  • Enables data-driven decisions 

To learn more about the benefits of HR workflow automation, check out our blog - 6 Benefits Of Workflow Management For Digital HR. 

How to choose workflow automation software

Before selecting a HR workflow automation software, you should follow a series of steps. We have distilled these into three key areas: 

  1. Identify where unnecessary time is being spent on existing workflows. From there, assess the costs this is driving.  
  2. Search for software that can solve the specific requirements that you’ve identified.  
  3. Ensure your chosen software provider can supply a demo. This will help you understand whether the software is a good fit for your needs before signing up.  

Businesses often opt for HR software that includes workflow automation. HR software has integrated modules for key workflows such as onboarding, payroll processing and absence management. Access PeopleHR is an example of such software.  

Save time with People HR’s workflow automation software

As we’ve seen throughout this article, HR workflow software is a critical tool for reducing admin time. With the ability to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows, you can focus on more strategic and value-adding activities. If you’re looking to save time and money, check out our Ripple workflow software page.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how workflow automation can benefit your business, you can also take advantage of our free trial.  

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