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April 28, 2015
Five Skills an HR Business Partner Should Have
An HR business partner works closely with senior members of an organisation to provide business strategy input from a human resources perspective. Here are 5 of the top skills we feel an HR business partner should have.
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Law & Legislation
April 21, 2015
Common Selection Criteria for Redundancy
Common Selection Criteria for Redundancy
diversity in the workplace
Diversity & Equality
April 20, 2015
Three Ways to Promote Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
You don’t need to rule with fear and humiliation to be a good leader. In fact, if you strive to be a more compassionate leader, you might find it works out better for you and your team. Here are three ways to start.
Learning & Development
March 25, 2015
A Brief History of Performance Management
Did you know..? If you lived in the early 1900s, your performance review might have actually measured your genetic personality traits instead of your actual performance. Find out how else appraisals have changed over the last 100 years.
reviewing employee records
HR Function
May 20, 2014
How Long Should Employee Records Be Kept For?
A question that we are often asked by clients is, “How Long Should Employee Records Be Kept For,” (after they have left). It’s a bit of a quandary – do you discard them immediately, or leave them to gather dust? Neither option is right, and what you should actually do sits somewhere around the middle […]
HR software review
HR Software
April 04, 2014
5 Key Features Your HR System Must Have
Modern HR systems are more user friendly, cost effective, empowering and affordable. They make HR much easier by automating laborious processes, and providing strategic management data at the push of a button.


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