Manager Worried About Payroll Errors
October 05, 2022
What is the cost of making payroll errors?
The consequences of payroll errors can be both costly & damaging to a business' reputation. Learn more about common errors & how to avoid them.
Team Discussing Hr Software and Excel
HR Software
October 05, 2022
HR Software vs Excel spreadsheets: An honest comparison
This article will cover the benefits of both HR software and Excel spreadsheets, helping you form a decision on what’s right for your business. Businesses are always looking for ways to work smarter and optimise their resources – so it makes sense to evaluate all options available.
Supporting Employees
HR Function
September 30, 2022
How HR software can reduce business costs and support employees: An honest look
HR software can come with problems that make HR more of a challenge. With our blog, learn about the top HR software challenges and how to avoid them. We’ll take an honest look at how HR software can reduce business costs and support employees.
Frustration About Old Hr Software
HR Software
September 16, 2022
5 Disadvantages of old HR software & systems
If you're reading this post, chances are you’re frustrated with your existing HR system. Processes becoming unmanageable? Systems don’t integrate? Too much time being spent on manual tasks? It’s difficult to disagree - the disadvantages of not using HR software are too great to ignore.
Avoiding Hr Challenges
HR Software
September 15, 2022
7 HR software challenges and how to avoid them
If you came across this article, you’re either experiencing HR software challenges with your existing platform, or you’re in the market for HR software and want to be aware of the challenges you might face before making a purchase. Does any of this resonate? If so, keep on reading...
HR App Making A Holiday Request
HR Software
September 08, 2022
People HR Mobile App: Common Problems and How to Fix Them
If you’re experiencing problems with your People HR Mobile App, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, the chances are, someone has encountered a similar issue. So, take a look at our frequently asked questions; there’s a good chance the solution to your problem.
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