Employee using SaaS HR software
HR Software
November 18, 2022
What is a SAAS HR System?
You may have heard of the term ‘SaaS’ at some point in the last few years – and you’ve perhaps thought, what is a SaaS system? And, why use a SaaS HR system? In this article, we present a high-level overview.
Recruitment interview
HR Software
November 11, 2022
Recruitment software vs HR software: What are the differences?
Recruitment is costly and time-consuming - no doubt about it. When it comes to recruiting platforms, you've got 2 options: HR software or a dedicated recruitment system. Which is best for your business? This article wil help you decide...
in house payroll vs outsourcing illustration
HR Software
November 11, 2022
Managed In-House Payroll vs Outsourcing Payroll Services
The age-old question: what are the benefits of in-house payroll vs outsourcing? It’s a question we get asked time and time again here at Access PeopleHR. In this article, we present a balanced overview of both. Find out more.
Team Celebrating Driving Employee Engagement
HR Software
November 03, 2022
5 strategies on how to drive employee engagement using a HR system
Your employees are likely facing some of the toughest financial challenges in years. It’s no wonder you may be experiencing a lack of employee engagement right now. In this article, we take you through five actionable and effective strategies to keep your team engaged and motivated.
Happy Productive Employees
Culture & Engagement
November 02, 2022
How HR software can improve employee productivity
Are you facing low productivity levels within your workplace? Keeping your team motivated and productive will always be a challenge when external factors (like the cost-of-living crisis) are at play. In fact, you could argue that you need to work harder than ever before to keep your team motivated. Here's how HR software can help.
Team Discussing Integrated Hr Payroll Software
October 27, 2022
Integrated HR and payroll software: overcoming integration challenges
If you’re a small to medium-sized business looking to simplify your HR processes, you will have likely considered the benefits of integrated HR and payroll software.
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