The shocking statistics of employee engagement

employees communicating

Research curated by gives us a pretty shocking snapshot of how employee engagement is understood, compared to how it is implemented. Findings suggest that although most businesses understand the importance of employee engagement in terms of business success, only half of them feel as if they know how to achieve it. What’s more, only a handful of employees actually consider themselves to be highly engaged with the brand they work for!

Let’s look at the figures as published by

  • 90 percent of executives understand the importance of employee engagement.
  • 50 percent of executives understand how to address the issue.
  • 13 percent of employees consider themselves “highly engaged”.

The figures look great to begin with – if 9 in 10 people believe employee engagement to be a big part of their company’s success, then only 1 in 10 people disregard it. But then things start to deteriorate. Despite the majority of businesses understanding the importance of employee engagement, statistics show that only 50 percent of them believe they know what they should be doing to achieve it. And although this would lead you to believe that at least half of all employees are highly engaged, the next statistic suggests that the actual figure is just 13 percent!

What does this mean? Well, amongst other conclusions, it probably means that out of the 50% of companies who think they know how to engage their staff, a great deal of employers have a long way to go.

How to Engage Your Employees?

There’s no simple answer to the question of “how do I engage my employees” – it’s not a quick-fix type of problem. The trouble is that to achieve true employee engagement, you need to seriously invest yourself into understanding your workforce and working out what makes them tick.

If you have any ideas on how we can work together to close this gap between employers who understand the importance of engagement, and employees who actually feel engaged, then please let us know!

With that in mind, one way you can engage your employees with just a little effort, is by taking the time to appreciate their hard work. You can even do this with the help of the right HR software – in fact, we’ve built this functionality directly into our cloud-based HR system – View our 4 min demo.