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The Top 7 HR System Integrations You Need

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HR system integrations have the power to transform the way you manage your people and your business. In today’s fast-paced world, you’re likely relying on various HR systems and software to streamline your operations. However, the real magic happens when these systems seamlessly integrate and work together. This creates a unified and cohesive HR ecosystem, rather than a disjointed tech stack that doesn’t communicate.  

In this article, we will take you through the top 7 HR system integrations that your business needs to be successful. We’ll also look at how these integrations can help speed up your HR processes, paying particular attention to payroll software integrations. Integrated HR and payroll systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst SMBs. Therefore, we felt it most appropriate to include this as a key theme in today’s article.  

So let’s dive in and discover the essential HR system integrations your business needs to succeed.  

1. Payroll system integration

As mentioned, one of the most popular (and essential) HR system integrations is within payroll. By integrating your HR system with payroll software, you won’t need to transfer data between two systems manually. This can save you time, reduce error and ensure accurate payroll management. 

If you are considering Access PeopleHR as your HR software provider, we integrate with popular payroll platforms such as ADP, Access Payroll and Payfit. Therefore, we recommend those solutions.  

How HR and payroll systems integrate together  

Integrating HR and payroll systems involves linking the two systems together. This will create a seamless and automated process. Typically, an integration works in the following way: 

  1. Data mapping. This is the first step. It maps the data fields in your HR system to those in your payroll software. This ensures accurate data transfer.  
  2. Data synching. Once the data fields are mapped, you need to synchronise the data between the two systems. This ensures the data is transferred automatically.  
  3. Automating payroll calculations. Once data is synced, payroll calculations can be automated.  
  4. Real-time updates. This ensures that any changes made are reflected in the payroll system immediately. In doing so, errors are eliminated.  

In short, an integrated payroll and HR system can speed up your processes, reduce errors and minimise the risk of non-compliance.  

2. Applicant tracking & recruitment

An HR system integration with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is another popular choice for SMBs. By integrating with an ATS, you can manage candidate information and maintain a streamlined recruitment process.  

An integration with an ATS allows you to: 

  • Track the progress of candidates through the hiring process 
  • View CVs and applications 
  • Communicate with candidates through the ATS 

Some popular ATSs that we recommend are Glassdoor and Greenhouse. With these integrations, you can easily track the status of your candidates and make the whole process much more efficient. It can drastically reduce your workload, too.  

3. Employee engagement

Employee engagement can get overlooked in the world of SMBs. There never feels like enough hours in the day to check in with each individual on their performance, right?  

One way to increase employee engagement is by utilising performance review software. Such software can help maintain consistency with your appraisals. It also gives your employees actionable and achievable goals that will progress them in their careers. 

When thinking about HR system integrations, you should consider your performance review software. It can lead to a significant improvement in communication and collaboration. For instance, your HR system can be equipped with workflow management software like Ripple. With this functionality, you have the ability to receive automatic notifications. These notifications are triggered whenever someone's review is approaching. 

This eliminates the need for manual tracking of your team's appraisals. As a result, you can focus on what truly matters. Your focus can be directed towards ensuring their goals and objectives are aligned with your company's vision. 

Streamlining the performance review process through an HR system integration saves time and effort. It allows you to maintain a proactive approach to employee development and engagement. 

We recommend Thymometrics as a popular integration with Access PeopleHR.  

4. Time tracking

Time tracking tools are lifesavers for many SMBs. They help in managing staffing levels effectively. They also ensure accurate payments for shifts worked. We recommend timesheet software options like Rotacloud, RotaReady and FindMyShift. 

By integrating your time tracking software with your HR system, you unlock a range of incredible benefits. You can spot attendance trends and keep an eye on those early birds or latecomers. This opens up exciting possibilities. One such possibility is setting up a reward system. The reward system can be designed to motivate employees to exceed expectations. Celebrating punctuality and dedication can cultivate a culture of excellence within your team. 

But that's not all. Integrating your time tracking software with your payroll system brings remarkable efficiency and convenience. You'll save precious time and ensure your employees receive accurate and timely payments.  

In today's world, making sure your team gets paid correctly is crucial for keeping them happy and sticking around for the long haul. Plus, it creates a positive work environment where everyone feels valued. 

5. Everyday & communication integrations

If your workforce is dispersed or remote, communication tools become essential. You're probably familiar with popular tools like Google Docs, Slack, Microsoft Word, and Zapier, each offering different features to suit your needs. 

But these tools aren't just about communication—they can significantly boost productivity. When integrated with an HR system, their power multiplies. Imagine attaching a file from your HR system to Slack, allowing multiple stakeholders to collaborate and edit it in real-time. This seamless HR system integration is a game-changer. 

Out of all the integrations mentioned in this article, communication deserves special attention. How many times have you missed someone's message buried in an endless email chain? How often do you find yourself jumping from one communication tool to another? Getting communication right is the key, and it can skyrocket productivity rates. 

6. User authentication

We understand that security is a top concern for many SMBs. This is especially true when entrusting HR software providers with sensitive employee information. But dealing with multiple login barriers can be frustrating. We've all experienced the hassle of forgetting online banking passwords, right? 

That's where 'single sign-on' integration comes in. It allows employees to securely log in to their HR system using a single set of credentials. This eliminates the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords for different HR-related applications.  

Plus, if you want an extra layer of security for sensitive employee data, you can enable two-factor authentication. 

Two-factor authentication significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access to HR systems. It achieves this by combining something the user knows (like a password) with something they have (such as a verification code from a mobile app).   

Implementing such security measures safeguards sensitive employee information. It also helps you stay compliant with data protection regulations. Furthermore, it enables you to maintain the trust of your valued workforce. 

For user authentication in HR system implementations, we recommend considering options like Okta, WS02, and OneLogin. 

7. Learning management integrations

If you're a forward-thinking SMB, you've likely recognised the benefits of a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS can bring valuable advantages to your organisation. By implementing an LMS, you can cultivate a culture of learning that equips your business for ongoing transformation.  

Moreover, it serves as an excellent tool to enhance engagement within your workforce. It fosters a commitment to continuous improvement. Additionally, it creates a thriving atmosphere of professional development. 

An HR system integration with an LMS provides a clear overview of individual employees' progress over time. It also helps identify the direction they need to go in to improve. Having this data to hand will greatly improve your performance review process. This can be enhanced further if you have performance review software [RN1] in place to keep all information under one roof.  

For LMS integrations, we recommend AccessLearning and LearnAmp. 

Next steps

In our technology-driven world, it's common to accumulate a range of disconnected technologies in your stack over the years. Unfortunately, the lack of communication among tools can hinder productivity. And this can complicate your processes. 

That's where integrations come to the rescue. 

When selecting an HR software solution, it's crucial to ensure seamless integration with your existing processes. This not only saves time but also provides a comprehensive overview of how HR operations function within your business. 

In this article, we have shared the top 7 integrations you should consider. We’ve paid close attention to integrated HR and payroll systems, however, there are numerous other HR software integrations worth exploring.

And if you're interested in experiencing the benefits first-hand, feel free to take advantage of a free trial with Access PeopleHR. 

Remember, integrating your systems is the key to unlocking efficiency and optimising your HR operations. 

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