People will never sit still

We're constantly evolving. Here's what we've been up to recently.


Managing work patterns

We’ve added the ability to manage work patterns in settings.


We’ve given queries several updates, to make them easier of use and add in more options for admins.


We’ve added in a new option for reporting.


Access Identity Cloud

Customers now have the ability to use Access Identity cloud with People HR.


Logbook and logbook designer have had upgrades to make them easier to use.

Query builder

New options are now available in Query Builder, to provide stats on company uptake of the People HR mobile app.


Employee Profile

We’ve improved the appearance and usage of the employee profile.

New Starter Wizard

We’ve given the new starter wizard some new functionality.

Leaver Wizard

We’ve made the leaver wizard easier to use.


Weekly Timesheet Approval

You can now approve timesheets and assignments in bulk by the week, if you don’t want to approve each entry manually.

Recruitment Analytics

Connect your ATS with Google Analytics to discover insights about your recruitment pipeline, plus other improvements to the ATS.


New Mobile App

We’ve completely re-designed the UX and UI on our flagship mobile app, to make your life faster and easier on the go.

Group Chat

We’ve built a feature-packed group chat function into your mobile app, to help you stay in touch with colleagues.

Personal Details

Employees can now update their personal information, such as bank details and emergency contacts, via the mobile app.

Faster Expenses

Mobile expenses are now even smoother, with the addition of “quick add” for when you’re in a rush, and better visibility of approval status.

Absence Registration

Employees can now register various types of absence and leave, such as sickness or maternity, via the mobile app.


Document Templates

A new dedicated area to manage your document templates, with improved features including merge tags for document titles.

Video and Audio for Logbooks

You can now upload video and audio files to logbook screens, for example a welcome message or a training video.


2nd-Line Approvals

If an employee’s direct line manager is away, you can now let their indirect manager view and authorise their requests.


Ripple 2.0

Automate even more of the repetitive HR tasks you hate, with Ripple 2.0. Plus, build interactive workflows to engage employees.

Advanced Search

Filter your employee list to make it even easier to find the person you’re looking for, and flick between selected profiles with a single tap.


Holiday Sync Service (HSS)

Sync employee holidays with your Microsoft Exchange Server, now including Office 365.


Custom Logbook Screens

Get creative with HR data. New settings for custom logbook screens, plus checkboxes, sliders and electronic signatures.

Slack Integration

Feed automatic HR announcements directly into your Slack channels. Birthdays, holidays, starters, leavers and more.


Schedule your plugin tools to run automatically. Plus, add up to five devices to your time & attendance sync.

Authorisation Workflows

Build authorisation workflows with multiple approvers, for all types of requests – holidays, expenses, logbooks and more.


Auto-Refresh Hotsheets

Excel and Google Hotsheets can now auto-refresh, to show the latest data each time you open the file.

3rd-Party Consultants

Give admin access to external professionals who you do not directly employ, such as HR consultants or auditors.

Grant or Revoke Access

Grant or revoke permission for our support team to access your HR system (e.g. while they help you with an issue.)

Public Holiday Templates

Default public holidays for England and Wales pre-loaded for the next few years, which will show on planners.


Mobile Documents

Improved responsive design – upload documents to your HR system via the browser on your mobile device.

Anonymous Surveys

Increase employee participation in Pulse surveys, and improve accuracy, by allowing anonymous responses.

17 Language Options

Three new translations completed – Hungarian, Portuguese and Swedish. . 17 language options now available.

Bulk Upload Employee Data

Upload bulk data from a spreadsheet, including holidays, sickness, background checks, right to work, salary & bank details.

QR Codes & Beacons

Let employees clock in and out at specific locations, by using unique QR codes and proximity-based beacons.


Ideas Portal

See new features that are in the development pipeline, and vote on the ideas you think we should work on next.

Sync Google Calendar

Instantly update employees’ Google Calendars with events that are logged within their People planner.

Anonymous 360 Feedback

When you print a performance review, you can choose to display all 360-degree feedback as anonymous.

Employee Photos

Running an offline backup of your data will include any profile photos you have uploaded to each employee’s record.


Report Writer

Drag and drop report builder, for designing your own explosive reports that tell colourful stories with your HR data.

Automatic Pro-Rata Calculations

The system automatically calculates pro-rata entitlement for employees who change shift patterns mid-year.

14 Language Options

Three new translations completed – Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified) and Russian. 14 language options now available.

Mobile Document Uploader

Upload documents on the go, when accessing People via the browser on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

Google Hotsheets

Use our Google Hotsheets add-on to link up to 10 HR queries to a Google Sheets document, to create dynamic spreadsheets.


New Query Builder Fields

New fields for building better queries. Report on dozens of new areas, including access rights, change logs, and postcodes.



A growing library of built-in plugins to help you perform special tasks from directly within the system.

Logbook Bulk Upload

Design custom information screens and upload your existing data using an easy spreadsheet template.

Face/Biometric Authentication

Authenticate on the phone with facial recognition, fingerprint or passcode.


Video Recruit

Ask questions that require a video or audio response from applicants, to help you decide who to invite for a face-to-face interview.

New Bulk Actions

Five brand new bulk actions: Salary entitlements and deductions, manage team members and reports to, and bulk employee data upload.

Multi-Languages (Android & IOS)

All 10 languages are now available within the mobile app, available for iPhone and Android.

Update Personal Info (Android & IOS)

Make sure HR records are accurate –employees can update their own personal information, directly from within the People HR app.

New Planner Display (Android & IOS)

New, more user friendly planner display for the mobile app. Better navigation, more fun to use.

Timesheets (Android & IOS)

Add project assignments within timesheets using the mobile app, to track things like overtime, wherever you are.

Declined Expense Reason (Android & IOS)

See why your expense request was declined – approver’s comments are displayed when an expense request is denied.

Add Sickness (Android & IOS)

Managers can add sickness absence to the employee record.

Upload Profile Picture (Android & IOS)

Managers can add sickness absence to the employee record.


10 language packs

Switch between 10 different languages. English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Arabic & Dutch.


Holiday Approval Workflow

Build holiday authorisation rules that include multiple approvers, and set automated approval workflows for employees.

Project Assignments

Restrict projects to certain groups of people, to help employees focus on what’s relevant, and to control visibility of sensitive assignments.

German & US Translation

We’ve started rolling out international localisation, by translating the entire system into German and US-English.

Regional Administrators

Manage global HR centrally, while giving regional administrators the power to control and customise HR for their country or location.

Query Categories

Create categories for each of your queries, to help you locate the query you’re looking for faster in the future.



Keep your finger on the pulse by taking snapshots of employee feedback any time you like.

API Update

We’ve extended our API to help you connect People HR with your favourite business applications in even more ways.


Chat (Android & IOS)

Chat securely with your employees using the People HR app. Store chats for audit purposes, or delete.

SSO (Android & IOS)

The People HR app now supports Single Sign On (SSO).

Tap In/Out (Android & IOS)

The People HR app now supports Single Sign On (SSO).


Half-Day Holiday Locking

Lock a single morning or afternoon against holiday requests for a specific date

Task Management

New filters, new notifications, new bulk actions, and new permissions for regular users

Date Formatting

Choose from several new date formats to suit your country or preferred style

Goal Notifications

Condense all goal notifications into one weekly breakdown email

Passwords & Security

Set stronger password requirements, and customise password expiry dates and session timeout limits

Hourly Pro-Rata Calculations

Automatically calculate pro-rata holiday entitlements in hours

Short Public Holidays

Create public holiday dates that last less than a full day

Accrual Rule Builder

Design custom holiday accrual rulesets for different groups of employees


ATS Hide Salary

You can now choose to hide salary when applicants are applying via job sites

ATS Internal Vacancies

You can now tag your vacancies as internal/external or both. They wil only show where they are supposed to!

ATS Notifications

Better notifications will inform the creator of a vacancy when a job approver/offer approver approves/declines the vacancy.

ATS Emails

You can now cc and bcc anyone on the emails that are sent out, especially on the interview invites.

ATS Acknowledgement

Send a customised auto acknowledgment email to applicants

ATS User Defind Internal Questions

Need to hold additional specialist information about the applicant ,no problems, define unlimited internal questions

ATS Query Pipeline

Report the journey of an applicant through the pipeline

Work Patterns

Bulk update employees work pattern

Request Emails

Now show comments added by employee when requesting authorisation for timesheet/holidays/other events


Nickname Search

The “known as” column is now included in text-based searches, to help you find employees who don’t use their regular first name

Workflow Upgrade

The Ripple Workflow engine now includes Logbook actions, to help you build even more automated HR processes

New Notifications

Automatic alerts when employees change their address or bank details, to make sure you never miss a trick

Holiday Reminders

Automatic reminders for managers when pending holidays are getting close to their date

Export Org Chart

Export your organisation chart to PDF, and share it with anybody

Timesheet Approvals

Switch on timesheet approvals to ensure each entry gets authorised by the relevant person

Bulk Salaries

Make bulk updates to multiple salaries at once

Public Holidays

Edit public holiday transactions for employees on special leave

Custom Colours

Choose your own colour scheme to make your HR system feel more like home

New Integrations

People now integrates with Indeed and Glassdoor

Document Page Setup

Set margins and page sizes, and preview document templates as PDFs before printing

Performance Reviews

Start a performance reviews with specific employees by adding their names as filters

Print Holidays

Print any upcoming holidays that fall within a date range you specify


ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Brand new supercharged ATS module with 100s of new features.

Authorisation/Approval Logbook

Build custom authorisation for any of the standard screens such as training, benefits and any custom screen you design

Org Chart

New improved Org Chart, zoom, break down by company, location, department, exlude/include future leavers and specific employee groups

Chart Your Data

Query now allows you to produce charts from your data and has improved filters for better segmentation

FTE & Part Time Holiday Calculation

Simple calculators help you assign FTE and salary holiday allowances for part time workers

Custom NI/SSN validation

Choose how your company validates NI/SSN numbers

24 Hour Timesheets

Allow employees to record timesheets over 24 hour periods


Instantly View Documents on Any Device

The ability to instantly view documents is now available across all devices, meaning you no longer have to download them

Huge Flexibility Boost with “Other Events”

We replaced the “Other Leave” option with a brand new feature called “Other Events”, to give you more flexibility, and better visibility of where your employees are.

Enhanced Reporting for Deeper Insights

As well as making the Query Builder much nicer to navigate we introduced new filters and query cloning.

Improved Holiday Workflow

Additional line managers are now notified that the holiday request have been approved.


A mamoth update to the API include more endpoints and webhooks

Open Office File Formats

People will now accept documents that are uploaded in an Open Office format

IPHONE and Android Enhancements

A bumber set of improvements to the apps to include even more employee and manager functionality


Microsoft AD for SSO

We introduced a native SSO connector for Microsoft AD People.

Rehire Functionality

Improved Rehire functionality allows you to take back a previous leaver while retaining key history

Screen Designer

Improved screen designer functionality providing even more fields and security options


Send rich media news to all or specific employees


Even more standard payroll integrations including STAR, Moorepay, Omni, advanced integrations options for Sage Payroll



A free upgrade for all our customers allows employees to submit and managers to authorise expenses right from their smart phone, includes digital signatures and electronic receipts


Send emails to People and watch them magically attach themselves to employee records, attachments and all!

Point in Time Reporting

One click "as-at" reporting now answers those questions that took days of spreadsheet merges and calculations


A brand new addition to our API, Webhooks allow you to listen in for any changes and get notified within 60 seconds!

Block Days by Company/Location/Department

Increased granularity on holiday allocation rules by locking down to the department level allows you to control productivity rates

Google Drive/Dropbox Integration

We've now introduced Google/Dropbox and other file sharing services integration to employee and documents making it even easier to link your documents from external source


Ripple - Workflow

Our new workflow engine, Ripple, allows you to create your own workflow processes that ripples throughout your organisation getting things done for you.


New Performance Managment

An overhaul to our performance management module providing for the ability ro define company, department job specific review questions


An exciting upgrade to our objectives and goals functionality about the science of goals and what drives motivation to get things done.


Support for over 90 languages

2-Factor Authentication

Use your phone to validate logins to your People account with 2FA

Automatic LOS

Flexible rules to upleft employee entitlements based on Length Of Service


Zapier Integrations, API Webhooks

We're enhancing our API to support integrations with over 300 other applications!

iPhone / Android App

People is already optimised for full use on any device this release adds native apps


Flexible Benefits

We're bringing out a Flexible Benefits app that will let your people select and apply from a range of company benefits.


Time off In Lieu (TOIL)

TOIL functionality lets employees accrue and request TOIL. People balances all of the calculations and entitlements for you

Regional Admins

People lets you assign Regional Administrators – that are locked-down to a specific company, location or department

Return to Work from Sick & Holiday

Redesigned Back To Work functionality so that your people will are prompted to sign declarations

Sage Payroll Integration

Complete integration in Sage Payroll


Rotating Shift Patterns

Full support for 1000s of different shift patterns


Electronic Signatures

We introduced a feature that allows your staff to receive and sign company documents – like contracts – electronically.

Google Docs Integration

Sync Your Google Drive & Google Docs with People


Security Audit of People’s HR System

People was given the green light, and categorised into the best possible bracket: ‘Low Risk’.


Rota Management

Connect your People HR system with RotaCloud’s rota-generation software in less than two minutes!


Tap In Tap Out, and enjoy timesheets that update in real-time as your employees come and go.


ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Complete integrated ATS functionality

Single Sign on

Secure People with OneLogin to take complete control over application access, create and enforce security policies, and add a second factor authentication


It’s easy to allow your calendars to Sync with People. We use an industry standard interchange called a ICAL or Calendar Feed



Improving Employee Engagement Through Thanks

Performance Management

Engage your entire company and launch your annual Performance Review using People.



Broadcast company wide news with feedback



Full JSON API introduced


People Goes International

People now lets you manage departments, teams and workforces across the entire globe!

Virtual Clock

Recording timesheets and tracking attendance just got easier –let your employees clock in and out with People.


Zero Hour Contracts

People calculates complex holiday entitlements for you for zero hour contracts and casual workers.


Custom Screens

Create your own custom screen and report on them


Bulk Actions

Perform common bulk actions on data

Paid/Unpaid Sickness

Track paid/unpaid and emergency leave


Consultant Work Bench

Consultant work bench with multi company support for our partners

June 2013
People HR System, with all the basics, goes live

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