Ascot Racecourse Ltd

“People® has given me a great understanding of employee demographics, and I’m starting to identify patterns and trends. ”.

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Ministry of Sound

“Our employees all feel more connected with the business – they love the Self Service functionality, and love that they can access its great modern interface using their smart phones.”

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Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited

“The Holiday Planner is one of the main advantages. Before using People®, all the requests were handled with a paper form, and everything was out of control – misunderstandings, mistakes and double-bookings were all just a part of the daily routine!”

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1st Technologies

“Employees can access and edit their own personal records, and things like timesheets are integrated with payroll, meaning no more manually processing end-of-month payslips. Plus, all interaction is logged so we can check back and audit any change that are made.”

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“We realised the potential for growth within our company and decided we needed a more effective approach for managing staff admin”.”

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Diversity Travel

“The heatmap shows absence patterns and helps us identify and monitor any potential issues and the straightforward query function lets us quickly provide a range of other in-depth reports”.

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St Loyes

“The staff like that they can easily request leave and see at a glance the holidays they’ve booked. The same applies for sickness, and they can also access their training records and contracts.”

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SACO – The Serviced Apartment Company

“We wanted to find HR software that was modern, available anytime anywhere, and cost-effective” she says “so we joined People®... and we love it!”.

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Cloudreach Europe Ltd

“It’s a very modern system, and when choosing an HR database one of the main challenges for us was to find a system that is flexible enough to deal with all our business needs ”.

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“Our innovations team is continuously coming up with new and creative ways in which to drive our company forward, with their forward thinking and imaginative ideas.”.

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Jellyfish Pictures

“Nobody is complaining that their holidays are lost… everything on the holiday booking front is silent – and that speaks volumes.”

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The Lead Agency

“As soon as we knew there was an API, we managed to build an awesome integration between our door fob system, our timesheet software, and our HR system.”.

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BPA Quality

“Our employees have found applying for holidays easier, and they are able to get authorisations through quicker.”

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Sid Valley Practice

“The Thanks page has really improved staff morale – it encourages them to praise each other! Staff love the Thanks page and the news feed.”

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“Solves the problems you are having today, and prevents the problems you are likely to have tomorrow”

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Austin Fraser

“By using the in-built reports and queries, or by designing our own, we can grab important information and statistics that help us internally”

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Circle IT

“ was an easy cost to justify, support was fantastic, the features are amazing, and it’s the most complete and easy-to-use HR system we saw.”

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Vitamin London

“Our biggest challenge was keeping track of contracts and holidays. Because we did not have a central location where everything was manged, we were working in a disorganised manner and were unable to maintain a proper working environment.”

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“The main criteria I had for our new HR software was that it needed to be an easy-to-use and all-inclusive system”

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Robert Heath

“The comprehensive API was critical, because it helped integration with our ERP for engineer planning. We were also very impressed with the website performance, and with the feel of the desktop application. ”

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Capital Economics Ltd

“My initial concern was about how much read-write access the two environments would have, and how this would impact the way we currently perform payroll”

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Ella’s Kitchen

“The PeopleHR system is really in line with our culture and we see our people use it pretty much every day”

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“Our field-based employees are now actively included in the software. It is interactive, and works for the whole company”

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“I can now trust the data I use on a daily basis. At the touch of a button, I can create lovely, accurate reports on the metrics that matter to our organisation.”

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Corazon Health

“With a number of staff who are based regionally, we needed to find a platform that would help engage everybody – not just those based at Head Office!”

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Kuoni Travel

“My requirements were for a self-service HR tool that had the potential to grow with our business, and that integrated seamlessly with a payroll system” he said.”

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Minstead Trust

“Different people were maintaining different subsets of the same data across different spreadsheets. Nobody was talking to each other, and data was duplicated all over the place.”

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What Our Customers Say About Us On Twitter

Our Family is Growing - More People Are
Using People® to Manage Their People

  • The support that we receive from PeopleHR is really second-to-none. No problem is ever too big or too small for them, and they always answer our questions with remarkable speed.

    Michael Kahn Director, Resources and Development Rostrum

  • We have been using People for the last couple of years, and as our company has grown, People has grown with us and continues to provide expanded services and solutions for us as our HR needs evolve.

    Deborah Wiggins-Hay Executive Director D Q Rule Books Ltd

  • We now have a new sync service developed by PeopleHR running on our Exchange server that does all the magic and manages holiday appointments that appear in any view of our calendars from any device.

    Andrew Hough IT Director

  • We run a distributed business model with 150+ emoloyees, without PeopleHR we could never be where we are today

    Antonio Coli MD Carmedia Group

  • We all find it very user friendly, some great features, very efficient to the point where I feel like I don't know what I should do now!

    Carine Benoist People and Development Manager Trendzer

  • People HR is very user friendly and has been really well received in our organisation. The support team are very quick to help. I would recommend it!

    Louisa Richards Christ Church London HR

  • As soon as we knew there was an API, we managed to build an awesome integration between our door fob system, our timesheet software, and our HR system

    Luke Miles Head of Development

  • We’re really pleased that People has chosen Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform to build such a great looking, modern and powerful application.

    Ewan Dalton Microsoft

  • It’s so easy to use from an employee point of view and HR. Since rolling it out to our company I have received many impressive comments, people love it!

    Sharon Holliday PA to MD & HR Admin

  • You can set up your own information screens at the touch of a button. Perfect for our needs!

    Steven Holland Human Resources Manager

  • I like the visual reports. They look really good and are a fun way to see company stats

    Emma Mills Studio Coordinator

  • We’ve been using PeopleHR for quite some time now and have become heavily reliant on its many features – from working hours, absence and holiday recording, to management and e-signing of documentation

    Stuart Harrison Training & Support Lead

  • If you want to get control of your Human Resources, People is exactly what you’re looking for

    Stephen Young President/CEO

  • The support team is one of the major reasons, along with the easy to use and intuitive database, that I have recommended PeopleHR.

    Di Arthur HR Manager

  • People HR system has been the most seamless and accepted implementation I have been involved in.

    Kevin Parker Finance Director

  • Very pleased to see the work around performance reviews and goal measurements, this is critical as we move towards our year end, next step core competency ratings

    Gary Lane Senior Vice President

  • People HR are a creative company who continuously come up with new ideas to simplify how we manage employees. They are a friendly team and immediately provide help when required

    Keeli AblettHR Administrator

  • I looked at several systems they were too “traditional” and not as user friendly. People HR offers me the ability to customize and add sections that fit my business...

    Fiona McGlinchey Operations Director

  • The software is created in line with the HR good practice where any HR professional can set up their missions helping them to achieve a good compliance status/ improve current processes.

    Marja Bojar HR Officer

  • The layout and presentation of the information (I won’t mention the you tube videos with the leeks??) It’s a great partner for our company as we share the same professional yet fun approach.

    Sharon Brown HR Manager

  • People is amazing. Fresh, vibrant with key information clear and easy to read and use. The functionality is well thought out and simple to use and amend. I would thoroughly recommend the system

    Marnie Clarke HR Manager

  • Our favourite part of the system is the ability to streamline our email output by allowing employees to access documents online. We can also see who has read them. People HR is definitely approachable and professional.

    Joel Garthwaite Director

  • Quick, easy but SO effective!! The thought of probably halving the amount of paper work I have in the office is a big enough bonus!!

    Elly Allport

  • The People system makes a potentially boring process a lot more enjoyable, and their extremely helpful team is there to help every step of the way.

    Amber Reyland Assistant Account Manager

  • People has transformed the way we manage our HR and Recruitment processes.The system is simply, yet highly effective

    Erin Elsmore-Wickens Director

  • We are really enjoying using the system and enjoyed the speed to which your team implements updates and adds new features.

    Andy Rogers Chief People Officer

  • I love the intuitive nature of the People software.

    Julie SmithOffice Manager

  • PeopleHR is powerful and customizable - and fast. I have found I'm able to customise the software to fit the idiosyncrasies of my organisation – and the system makes it really easy to do so.

    Adam Dodd Director Of Finance

  • PeopleHr are clearly an innovative company taking stagnant HRM processes and solutions into the 21st century.

    Luigi Koechlin MD

  • Igniyte strongly recommends People HR. It is exactly what we were looking for. The system hides great functionality and simplicity at the same time.

    Eva Karypidou Marketing and Brand Assistant

  • The younger staff members are sending so many Thanks badges to staff which has helped all staff members get involved in which we now have even created a Prize award called People award.

    Tashfeen Khan Grohe UK – IT Engineer

  • We are very happy with People HR, both in terms of the system and the support we have received.

    Nick Lawson-Williams HR Director

  • People system it’s quick, easy & extremely user friendly & our employees can gain access no matter where they are.

    Jo Carnegie Head Of Compliance

  • We were a relatively demanding group and Dan was able to keep things on track and moving.

    Tracey Knowles HR & Recruitment Manager

  • I chose PeopleHR for our business because I was impressed with all it could do. It ticked all the boxes for what we needed in terms of HR.

    Rebecca Starling HR Assistant

  • The functionality has been very impressive and we feel like we made the right decision in regard to the software

    Reena Sagar Senior HR

  • It is brilliant! All employees are in the system and we are now ready to start training the staff as of next week.

    Steve Hoskin Recruitment Manager

  • The support from the staff at People HR is unrivalled and they are always extremely helpful! We couldn’t go back to working without People HR - highly recommended!

    Darren Dickinson Managing Director

  • The training with Dan was excellent. He took the time to go through the different functions so we could think about how we would use it for different tasks and reports.

    Jo Carnegie Head Of Compliance

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