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Thousands of businesses worldwide use People HR to make a positive impact. Here's what some of them are saying.

Ascot Racecourse Ltd

People HR has given me a great understanding of employee demographics, and I’m starting to identify patterns and trends.

Ascot + People HR:

Founded by Queen Anne in 1711, Ascot Racecourse is an important part of British heritage. Their HR and Training Manager, Amy Critchley, decided to join People HR because she wanted a better way to manage HR issues while out and about – especially during race days. Now, Amy loves being able to grab important details about her workforce really fast, and from anywhere in the world – including the racetrack!

Customer: Amy Critchley

Role: HR and Training Manager

Company: Ascot Racecourse

Location: Ascot, UK

Industry: Sports

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: The Applicant Tracking System

Ministry of Sound

Our employees all feel more connected with the business – they love the Self Service functionality, and love that they can access its great modern interface using their smart phones.

Ministry of Sound + People HR:

Ministry of Sound was established in 1991 as a London nightclub. It has since grown into a leading independent record label and global events brand. Their HR Director, Tacita Small, joined People HR to help her use HR to support business growth. Since implementing the system, Tacita says that employees all feel more connected with the brand, and that the software is helping her to boost employee engagement.

Customer: Tacita Small

Role: HR Director

Company: Ministry of Sound

Location: London, UK

Industry: Music

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Self Service

Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited

The Holiday Planner is one of the main advantages. Before using People HR, all the requests were handled with a paper form, and everything was out of control – misunderstandings, mistakes and double-bookings were all just a part of the daily routine!

Lightsource + People HR:

Lightsource boasts the biggest portfolio of ground and rooftop mounted commercial solar installations in the United Kingdom. Their HR and Recruitment Officer, Gloria Kayser, joined People HR in 2014, to help her handle the rapid growth of her workforce – she’d recently welcomed 90 new employees on-board! Gloria loves that she no longer has to cross-check holiday requests against remaining entitlements.

Customer: Gloria Kayser

Role: HR and Recruitment Officer

Company: Lightsource Renewable Energy

Location: London, UK

Industry: Renewables & Environment

Employees: 201-300

Favorite Feature: Holiday Planner

1st Technologies

Employees can access and edit their own personal records, and things like timesheets are integrated with payroll, meaning no more manually processing end-of-month payslips.

1st Technologies + People HR:

1st Technologies has been supplying the wholesale, retail and public sector markets with professionally refurbished IT equipment for nearly 20 years. Their Head of Business Development, Adam Ramsbottom, chose People HR because he needed a more efficient way to manage his growing workforce. He now enjoys better visibility of who is working when, and is finding absence patterns he would not have noticed before.

Customer: Adam Ramsbottom

Role: Head of Business Development

Company: 1st Technologies

Location: Preston, UK

Industry: Computer Hardware

Employees: 11-50

Favorite Feature: Friendly User Interface


We realised the potential for growth within our company and decided we needed a more effective approach for managing staff admin

Spindrift + People HR:

Spindrift is a leading digital agency, and in 2013 scooped the prestigious Oracle Customer Experience Award. Their HR Manager, Alice Osbourne, joined People HR because the speed of their growth meant it was no longer possible to tackle HR on an ad-hoc basis. Spindrift has seen a big improvement to both attendance and performance, and says that People has helped them to learn more about HR.

Customer: Alice Osbourne

Role: HR Manager

Company: Spindrift

Location: London, UK

Industry: Information Technology

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Company Planner

Diversity Travel

The heatmap shows absence patterns and helps us identify and monitor any potential issues and the straightforward query function lets us quickly provide a range of other in-depth reports

Diversity Travel + People HR:

Diversity Travel is one of the UK’s 10 fastest-growing travel management companies, and in 2014 won the Business Travel Agency of the Year award. Their HR Manager, Kay Gembarski, adopted People HR because she wanted to streamline their HR processes, and loved the look of the Holiday Planner. Since implementation, the software has not only saved time and money for Diversity Travel, but it has helped to engage their workforce, and…lifted the mood of their employees, through the popular Thanks functionality.

Customer: Kay Gembarski

Role: HR Manager

Company: Diversity Travel

Location: Manchester, UK

Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Holiday Planner

St Loyes

At first, we thought it would be like any new system, where some people love it and some people hate it. But it’s eye-catching and a pleasure to use. Managers find it really easy, and the employees really want to use the system

St Loyes + People HR:

Founded in 1937, the St Loye’s Foundation is a non-profit organisation that enables people with disabilities to fulfil their potential in the community and society. Their HR Assistant, Wendy Murkin, already knew the team behind People HR – from the previous HR system they built, Simply Personnel. She says that People HR filled the gaps other HR systems were missing, and is pleased she made the move for her organisation.

Customer: Wendy Murkin

Role: HR Assistant

Company: St Loye’s Foundation

Location: Exeter, UK

Industry: Non-Profit

Employees: 51-100

Favorite Feature: Self Service


I’m no longer pointing out absences to everybody. Line managers and their team members have really easy access to absence information, meaning I can focus on other areas of HR.

SACO + People HR:

SACO offers short and mid-term accommodation in more than 260 destinations worldwide, and has over 80,000 stylish serviced apartments to choose from. Their HR and Training Officer, Nina Paukkunen, joined People HR because it let her employees engage with the software from anywhere in the world. She loves the explosive reports, and her managers enjoy tapping into important absence information quickly.

Customer: Nina Paukkunen

Role: HR and Training Officer

Company: SACO – The Serviced Apartment

Location: Bristol, UK

Industry: Hospitality

Employees: 201-250

Favorite Feature: Explosive Reports

Cloudreach Europe Ltd

It’s a very modern system, and when choosing an HR database one of the main challenges for us was to find a system that is flexible enough to deal with all our business needs

Cloudreach Europe Ltd + People HR:

Cloudreach helps companies tap into the power of cloud computing. They are an approved Google Customer Success Services Provider. Their Global Head of People Operations, Estelle Roux, chose People HR because she needed a system that was just as modern and flexible as their own organisation. Since joining, she has introduced 360 degree feedback to the way she reviews employee performance.

Customer: Estelle Roux

Role:Global Head of People Operations

Company: Cloudreach

Location: London, UK

Industry: Information Technology

Employees: 201-300

Favorite Feature: Performance


Our innovations team is continuously coming up with new and creative ways in which to drive our company forward, with their forward thinking and imaginative ideas.

CATSURVEYS Group + People HR:

If you want to grow, you have to think about the future. And no, that doesn’t mean carefully selecting the tie you’re going to wear tomorrow – it means putting the right strategies in place, then arming the right people with the right tools to execute them.

Customer: Luke Steadman

Role: Business Development Manager

Company: CATSURVEYS Group

Location: Essex, UK

Industry: Surveying

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Interface

Jellyfish Pictures

Nobody is complaining that their holidays are lost… everything on the holiday booking front is silent – and that speaks volumes.

Jellyfish Pictures + People HR:

Jellyfish Pictures is a BAFTA and EMMY award-winning VFX and Animation company, driven by a passion for the work they do, and a love for the people they work with.

Customer: Emma Obichukwu

Role: Recruitment Coordinator

Company: Jellyfish Pictures

Location: London, UK

Industry: VFX and Animation

Employees: 150+

Favorite Feature: Friendly User Interface

The Lead Agency

As soon as we knew there was an API, we managed to build an awesome integration between our door fob system, our timesheet software, and our HR system.

The Lead Agency + People HR:

The first breakthrough the team discovered, was that their HR system – People – had its own API. This meant they could find a way to integrate fob swipes with employee records. So they started talking to the People team, to explore the technical documentation.

Customer: Luke Miles

Role: Head of Development

Company: The Lead Agency

Location: Liverpool, UK

Industry: Customer Acquisition

Employees: 50 - 100

Favorite Feature: API

BPA Quality

Our employees have found applying for holidays easier, and they are able to get authorisations through quicker.

BPA Quality + People HR:

From mystery shopping to customer contact quality monitoring, BPA Quality takes a scientific approach to helping organisations achieve 100% satisfaction for their end users. Their HR Advisor, Davinia Shaw, manages a multi-lingual workforce, fluent in more than 45 different languages. People HR gives her team leaders much needed visibility on team member information, such as skills, qualifications and languages.

Customer: Davinia Shaw

Role: HR Advisor

Company: BPA Quality

Location: New York, USA

Industry: Outsourcing/Offshoring

Employees: 501-1000

Favorite Feature: Newsfeed

Sid Valley Practice

The Thanks page has really improved staff morale – it encourages them to praise each other! Staff love the Thanks page and the news feed.

Sid Valley Practice + People HR:

The friendly team of skilled staff at Sid Valley Practice work hard to provide a high standard of medical care. They work equally hard to maintain a motivated and hard-working approach to their jobs. To support this attitude, their Practice Relations Manager, Kate Thomas, implemented People HR. Kate says it has really helped to improve staff morale, and encourages them to support and praise each other.

Customer: Kate Thomas

Role: Practice Relations Manager

Company: Sid Valley Practice (NHS)

Location: Devon, UK

Industry: Healthcare

Employees: 1-50

Favorite Feature: Thanks


Solves the problems you are having today, and prevents the problems you are likely to have tomorrow

Nublue + People HR:

Web design and hosting company Nublue started out as a two-man team in 2005. But by 2014, they were managing 32 employees and still growing. Michael Ashworth, their Managing Director, trialled five different systems before deciding that People HR was the software that could engage their growing workforce. And as they continue to grow, he looks forward to many more years working with our modern HR software.

Customer: Michael Ashworth

Role: Managing Director

Company: Nublue

Location: Lancaster, UK

Industry: Internet

Employees: 11-50

Favorite Feature: User Interface

Austin Fraser

By using the in-built reports and queries, or by designing our own, we can grab important information and statistics that help us internally

Austin Fraser + People HR:

Regularly appearing in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For list, recruitment consultancy Austin Fraser is a company clearly passionate about people. During a period of rapid growth, their HR Officer, Laura Johnstone, decided to join People HR to help her manage her growing workforce. She loves being able to provide her employees with visibility of their own records, from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Customer: Laura Johnstone

Role: HR Officer

Company: Austin Fraser

Location: Reading, UK

Industry: Staffing and Recruiting

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Self Service

Circle IT was an easy cost to justify, support was fantastic, the features are amazing, and it’s the most complete and easy-to-use HR system we saw.

Circle IT + People HR:

Rapidly growing, award-winning IT company, Circle IT, is passionate about gathering employee feedback, and acting on results. The person behind this passion is their Director of Organisational Development, Jennifer Griffiths. To help her actively engage her employees and deliver exceptional people management for her company, Jennifer Griffiths chose to use People HR – because it is “more than just another HR information system”.

Customer: Jennifer Griffiths

Role: Director of Organisational Development

Company: Circle IT

Location: Cardiff, UK

Industry: Information Technology

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Self Service

Vitamin London

Before People, our biggest challenge was keeping track of contracts and holidays. Because we did not have a central location where everything was manged, we were working

Vitamin London + People HR:

Digital product development company Vitamin London were struggling to track important HR information. Their Strategic Director, Richard Nichols, decided to use People HR to centralise their processes and bring clarity to the chaos. Their organisational efficiency has since gone through the roof, and they have even launched a second company – Little Vitamin – that also enjoys the benefits of People HR.

Customer: Richard Nichols

Role: Strategic Director

Company: Vitamin London

Location: London, UK

Industry: Information Technology

Employees: 1-10

Favorite Feature: Company Planner


The main criteria I had for our new HR software was that it needed to be an easy-to-use and all-inclusive system

Trendzer + People HR:

Market leading web design and SEO marketing company, Trendzer, delivers engaging digital products for major industry clients. However, their paper-based HR processes were an error-prone obstacle to growth. After trying several systems, their People and Development Manager, Carine Benoist, joined People HR – and now enjoys far fewer questions about holiday entitlement from her employees, who can easily access their own records.

Customer: Carine Benoist

Role: People and Development Manager

Company: Trendzer

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Industry: Internet

Employees: 11-50

Favorite Feature: Holiday Planner

Robert Heath

The comprehensive API was critical, because it helped integration with our ERP for engineer planning. We were also very impressed with the website performance, and with the feel of the desktop application

Robert Heath + People HR:

Robert Heath Heating is a competitive domestic heating service, offering maintenance and installation for both private clients and social landlords. After struggling for too long trying to calculate sick patterns, absence and holidays, their ICT Director, Kristian Ellmore, implemented People HR, and now enjoys automated HR processes that are in-line with HR best-practice, as well as better KPI tracking.

Customer: Kristian Ellmore

Role: ICT Director

Company: Robert Heath Heating

Location: London, UK

Industry: Consumer Services

Employees: 201-300

Favorite Feature: Query Builder

Capital Economics Ltd

The support team were really helpful. They approached my problem positively, and took time to find out how the software could accommodate.

Capital Economics + People HR:

With nearly 20 years’ experience, Capital Economics LTD has built a strong reputation as one of the world’s leading independent economic research companies. Their Group Finance Manager, Tim Page, was trying to share his People HR data with Sage Payroll, but was running into issues. After speaking to support, the problem was quickly identified – and a bespoke software update quickly applied, which has helped Tim move further away from his reliance on paper.

Customer: Tim Page

Role: Group Finance Manager

Company: Capital Economics LTD

Location: London, UK

Industry: Research

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Integrations

Ella’s Kitchen

The PeopleHR system is really in line with our culture and we see our people use it pretty much every day

Ella’s Kitchen + People HR:

Clare Avery is part of the “keeping people happy team” at leading baby food company, Ella’s Kitchen. Her approach to HR is to do just that – keep her people happy. To help her do this, she decided to join People HR. She reports that the software helps support social events and volunteering days, and that her employees are using the “Thanks” feature daily. It is also saving her HR team 10 hours per week to invest in business growth projects.

Customer: Clare Avery

Role: HR Manager

Company: Ella’s Kitchen

Location: Henley-on-Thames, UK

Industry: Food & Beverages

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Thanks


Our field-based employees are now actively included in the software. It is interactive, and works for the whole company.

MEMS + People HR:

MEMS Power Generation are a 24/7 power solutions provider, with nearly 40 years’ experience. Their HR Manager, Sharon Hemingway, was struggling to manage and engage a workforce where 65% of employees were field-based – which is why she turned to People HR. Now, her employees can stay connected with the company from any location, on any device, thanks to People HR’s mobile optimisation.

Customer: Sharon Hemingway

Role: HR Manager

Company: MEMS Power Generation

Location: Gillingham, UK

Industry: Oil & Energy

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Mobile


I can now trust the data I use on a daily basis. At the touch of a button, I can create lovely, accurate reports on the metrics that matter to our organisation

Slendertone + People HR:

Slendertone is a privately-owned company that researches and builds medical-grade products for strengthening muscles. Their HR Generalist, Diane Wright, was responsible for a lot of employee data, and needed a more accurate way to find information and report on metrics. People HR lets her easily build beautiful reports that tell her about the statistics that really matter, in a format that is easy to digest and share. She is also enjoying a more focused workforce, by using People HR’s Performance functionality.

Customer: Diane Wright

Role: HR Generalist

Company: Slendertone

Location: Galway, Ireland

Industry: Consumer Goods

Employees: 151-200

Favorite Feature: Explosive Reports

Corazon Health

With a number of staff who are based regionally, we needed to find a platform that would help engage everybody – not just those based at Head Office!

Corazon Health + People HR:

Corazon Health was established in 2002, and has a strong reputation as an outstanding occupational health services provider. But when Julie joined the company in February 2016, she had a few concerns about how internal HR processes were being managed.

Customer: Julie Smith

Role: Office Manager

Company: Corazon Health

Location: Cambridge

Industry: Health

Employees: 1-50

Favorite Feature: Performance

Kuoni Travel

I have found People to be the supportive, single point of truth we were looking for

Kuoni Travel + People HR:

Kuoni Travel UK is part of DER Touristik, one of Europe’s leading travel groups. Kuoni has continued to set the pace in luxury worldwide travel in the UK market for over fifty years and is regularly voted one of the best holiday companies in the country by readers of national newspapers and travel industry titles.

Customer: Glenn Hallett

Role: HR executive

Company: Kuoni Travel

Location: London, UK

Industry: Information Technology

Employees: 500+

Favorite Feature: ATS

Minstead Trust

Different people were maintaining different subsets of the same data across different spreadsheets. Nobody was talking to each other, and data was duplicated all over the place.

Minstead Trust + People HR:

Minstead Trust provides training for people with learning disabilities. Since 1986, they’ve been helping people to develop new skills, gain independence, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Customer: Adam Dodd

Role: Director of Finance

Company: Minstead Trust

Location: Preston, UK

Industry: Training and Support Services

Employees: 51-100

Favorite Feature: Performance

EmployAbility Galway

With a bigger and clearer picture at our fingertips, we’re now doing a better job of making sure everybody receives their fair share of the training budget, and that the training is relevant.

EmployAbility Galway + People HR:

EmployAbility Galway was formally founded in 2004, after a successful pilot project launched in 2001. Since then, the organisation has been helping people with disabilities to find and keep meaningful employment, through individual mentoring and practical support.

Customer: Pauline O’Dwyer

Role: Company Coordinator

Company: 1st Technologies

Location: Galway, UK

Industry: Employment

Employees: 11-50

Favorite Feature: Performance

A B Medical Services

I wanted to create a compliance snapshot for the entire company, so that we were ready for the CQC inspection

A B Medical Services + People HR:

Our customer, A B Medical Services, is a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered provider of event medical cover, pre-hospital care, and ambulance & paramedic services. When their medical team isn’t on emergency standby at major events, you might find their fleet of ambulances zipping through the congested streets of London, escorting patients to and from hospital, or providing urgent first-response medical care.

Customer: Ashton Baker

Role: Founder

Company: A B Medical Services

Location: Kent, UK

Industry: Medical Services

Employees: 11-50

Favorite Feature: HR Essentials

TopLine Comms

We started looking for a centralised HR solution so that we could start to bring all employee data under one roof

TopLine Comms + People HR:

TopLine Comms is a digital PR and SEO agency in London. They help their clients build brand awareness, generate leads, and convert prospects into paying customers. They have also just experienced the successful launch of their new brand – TopLine Film – which went really smoothly due to the whole team being measured on KPIs!

Customer: Michaela Lee

Role: Office Manager

Company: TopLine Comms

Location: London, UK

Industry: Digital PR and SEO Agency

Employees: 11-50

Favorite Feature: 360-degree feedback

What our customers say about us on Twitter

Neslo Partitioning
July 11, 2018

Companies are only as good as their systems and people. We have been using the system 'People' to take the hassle out of managing our HR. Fully GDPR compliant, moving to People is a complete no brainer.

@peoplehrms #nomorespreadsheets #HRMS

October 16, 2017

Our #HumanResources #software partners @peoplehrms have co-sponored this must read for engaging top #talent

Peter Stephenson
March 19, 2018

Training day on @peoplehrms HR system ready to implement at @YMCA_Bham next month. Looks excellent and looking forward to using tools to improve how we support our people to do the best they can

Peter Stephenson
July 11, 2018

I ❤️ it when @peoplehrms bring out new features for me to play with! #digitalage #PPC solved all our HR administration issues in on fell swoop

Employment Law
February 16, 2018

A big shout out goes to #HR #Managers #Directors looking for #HumanResources #Software that has been designed with you in mind goes to @peoplehrms - We give them our 5 star rating.

Employment Law
February 16, 2018

@peoplehrms solved all our HR administration issues in on fell swoop #HRMS

November 5, 2017

Automatically Populate HR Documents for New Employees in @peoplehrms -

July 6, 2017

Incredibly excited that we finally got @peoplehrms I have done everyone's head in today saying ooh look at this, wow look at that...

Our family is growing – more people are using People HR to manage their people.

The support that we receive from PeopleHR is really second-to-none. No problem is ever too big or too small for them, and they always answer our questions with remarkable speed.

Michael Kahn
Director, Resources and Development Rostrum

We have been using People for the last couple of years, and as our company has grown, People has grown with us and continues to provide expanded services and solutions for us as our HR needs evolve.

Deborah Wiggins-Hay
Executive Director D Q Rule Books Ltd

We now have a new sync service developed by PeopleHR running on our Exchange server that does all the magic and manages holiday appointments that appear in any view of our calendars from any device.

Andrew Hough
IT Director

We run a distributed business model with 150+ emoloyees, without PeopleHR we could never be where we are today

Antonio Coli
MD Carmedia Group

Throughout the training, Jack showed great knowledge of the product and its functions, and extreme levels of patience for our never ending questions and ideas!

Izabela Gornik
HR Team Leader, Panserve

People HR is very user friendly and has been really well received in our organisation. The support team are very quick to help. I would recommend it!

Louisa Richards
Christ Church London HR

As soon as we knew there was an API, we managed to build an awesome integration between our door fob system, our timesheet software, and our HR system

Luke Miles
Head of Development

We’re really pleased that People has chosen Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform to build such a great looking, modern and powerful application.

Ewan Dalton

It’s so easy to use from an employee point of view and HR. Since rolling it out to our company I have received many impressive comments, people love it!

Sharon Holliday
PA to MD & HR Admin

You can set up your own information screens at the touch of a button. Perfect for our needs!

Steven Holland
Human Resources Manager

I like the visual reports. They look really good and are a fun way to see company stats

Emma Mills
Studio Coordinator

We’ve been using PeopleHR for quite some time now and have become heavily reliant on its many features – from working hours, absence and holiday recording, to management and e-signing of documentation

Stuart Harrison
Training & Support Lead

You have made the whole implementation process run like clockwork. My working day is already transformed!

Denise Walton
Senior Regional HR Manager

The support team is one of the major reasons, along with the easy to use and intuitive database, that I have recommended PeopleHR.

Di Arthur
Studio Coordinator

People HR system has been the most seamless and accepted implementation I have been involved in.

Kevin Parker
Finance Director

Very pleased to see the work around performance reviews and goal measurements, this is critical as we move towards our year end, next step core competency ratings

Gary Lane
Senior Vice President

People HR are a creative company who continuously come up with new ideas to simplify how we manage employees. They are a friendly team and immediately provide help when required

Keeli Ablett
HR Administrator

I have not worked with People HR before but I really like the dashboard and reporting system. I like the 'thanks' idea and hope that we can use this as a company.

Felicity Harris
HR Manager

The software is created in line with the HR good practice where any HR professional can set up their missions helping them to achieve a good compliance status/ improve current processes.

Marja Bojar
HR Officer

People HR are a creative company who continuously come up with new ideas to simplify how we manage employees. They are a friendly team and immediately provide help when required

Sharon Brown
HR Manager

People is amazing. Fresh, vibrant with key information clear and easy to read and use. The functionality is well thought out and simple to use and amend. I would thoroughly recommend the system

Marnie Clarke
HR Manager

Our favourite part of the system is the ability to streamline our email output by allowing employees to access documents online. We can also see who has read them. People HR is definitely approachable and professional.

Joel Garthwaite

Quick, easy but SO effective!! The thought of probably halving the amount of paper work I have in the office is a big enough bonus!!

Elly Allport

The People system makes a potentially boring process a lot more enjoyable, and their extremely helpful team is there to help every step of the way.

Amber Reyland
Assistant Account Manager

People has transformed the way we manage our HR and Recruitment processes.The system is simply, yet highly effective

Erin Elsmore-Wickens

We are really enjoying using the system and enjoyed the speed to which your team implements updates and adds new features.

Andy Rogers
Chief People Officer

I love the intuitive nature of the People software.

Julie Smith
Office Manager

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the service I have received from PeopleHR. Stewart has always been a fantastic support I really don’t know what I would have done without his support over the last few months.

Laura Gibbon
Assoc MCIPD – Human Resources

We are very happy with People HR, both in terms of the system and the support we have received.

Nick Lawson-Williams
HR Director

I use people HR as it is one of the simplest, efficient and useful HR tools I have used in my HR Career. It is easy for line managers to use for self service for their teams.

Helen Gardner

We were a relatively demanding group and Dan was able to keep things on track and moving.

Tracey Knowles
HR & Recruitment Manager

I chose PeopleHR for our business because I was impressed with all it could do. It ticked all the boxes for what we needed in terms of HR.

Rebecca Starling
HR Assistant

The functionality has been very impressive and we feel like we made the right decision in regard to the software

Reena Sagar
Senior HR

It is brilliant! All employees are in the system and we are now ready to start training the staff as of next week.

Steve Hoskin
Recruitment Manager

The support from the staff at People HR is unrivalled and they are always extremely helpful! We couldn’t go back to working without People HR - highly recommended!

Darren Dickinson
Managing Director

The training with Dan was excellent. He took the time to go through the different functions so we could think about how we would use it for different tasks and reports.

Jo Carnegie
Head Of Compliance

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