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Ripple Workflow

Ripple lets you automate any repetitive manual process, by building your own custom workflows. Workflows are easy to build, and can perform hundreds of actions using any employee data set.

Whether you’re saving time dealing with new starters and leavers, or whether you’re making sure unique company processes never get missed, Ripple lets you simply ‘set and forget’ your essential HR admin.

Your workflow dashboard

Your workflow dashboard lets you quickly create new workflows, or check and edit all active and archived workflows, for any employee. You can even drill down to see if any steps within a workflow have been completed manually.

Easy Process Builder

Designing your own automatic process is easy – just give it a name, and add the bits you need from a selection of automatic steps. Ripple takes care of the rest, letting you wave goodbye to forgotten deadlines and human error.

Automate the HR tasks you hate, and focus on making a big strategic impact

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