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People® automates most of your basic HR processes, so you can focus on the areas of HR that really matter to your company. And with a ton of exclusive extras designed to help you make a noticeable, positive difference, you will quickly see huge company-wide benefits from your new way of working.

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Customer Reference 1 "Solves the problems you are having today, and prevents the problems you are likely to have tomorrow" - Michael Ashworth, NUBLUE.

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People® is a complete HR system that only needs a browser

Nothing complicated. No fuss. Just open any browser and enjoy user-friendly, high-performance HR software that lets you make big company impact from anywhere.

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Photo of customer Nublue "People is amazing. Fresh, vibrant with key information clear and easy to read and use. The functionality is well thought out and simple to use and amend. I would thoroughly recommend the system" - Marnie Clarke, Dezrez

All your essential HR tools to make light work of heavy tasks

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Exclusive, High-Impact Extras


People® offers 8 exciting career challenges to help you tackle company progression head-on, earn rewards and make a difference.

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HR On-the-Go

People® can be taken anywhere, and is optimised for any device including tablets and smartphones. All you need is a browser and a connection.

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Follow Me™

People® offers expert advice and measures your performance against real HR stats from across the UK, for continuous improvement.

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Finding a Price is Easy

People® is affordable and transparently priced. You get everything you need without any hidden costs or extras.

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Explosive Reports

Instantly generate powerful reports with graphical impact, to easily gather memorable insights about the company stats that matter.

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No I.T. Expertise Needed

People® securely stores your data in the cloud, and there’s nothing for your I.T. team to maintain. We even offer a free switching service.

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What Is Human Resources Software?

Human resources (HR) software solutions—is computer software that helps you manage your workforce. You might see them being referred to as Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)—regardless of what they are called they can help you make your workforce more efficient.

These solutions streamline the traditional HR functions of benefits administration, personnel tracking and payroll. But in addition to increasing your productivity by automating many of these administrative processes, HR software can also support you on a strategic level, by helping you to recruit, develop and manage your company’s most valuable resource: its people.

However, not all HR systems are the same. Some help you with the simple, administrative side of HR (such as keeping employee records or creating policies). Others help you with the more strategic side of HR (such as training, recruitment and performance).

And there are also different types of implementations of these systems. Traditional on-premise or the more widely used cloud, web or online systems such as People HR

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