Meet the People™ Support Team

March 23, 2015

Meet the People™ Support Team

Hello, we are the People™ support team!

If you’re already a customer, then you’ve probably spoken to at least one of us already. But we just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves a little more personally, both to those of you who know us already, and those of you who don’t know us at all!

Steve Brooks

Steve here, hello! I’ve been with the People™ support team since February 2014.

Fun Fact: When I was 15, I flew a real plane. Woohoo!

Dan Moss

Hi, I’m Dan, and I joined the People™ support team at the beginning of 2015.

Fun Fact: I’m pretty good at snowboarding, and my top speed is 45.4mph. Anybody fancy a race?

Mark Metcalfe

Hi, it’s Mark – I’m pretty much a veteran by now (I’ve been around since early 2013).

Fun Fact: I was next in line to become my old town’s Town Crier… but I moved just before my turn came round 🙁 On a happier note though, I once met the wrestler Big Daddy and had my picture taken with him 🙂

Gareth Garbutt

Hello, my name is Gareth. I started my career with People™ in March 2014

Fun Fact: I used to play pool for England (under 16’s). Whenever the whole team plays pool, I let the others win (shh don’t tell them).

Josh Kirwan

Hey, I’m Josh. I started at People™ in November 2014.

Fun Fact: I met pro boxer Ricky Hatton on holiday in Spain (I didn’t challenge him to a fight though!)

Scott Johnson

I’m Scott, probably the newest face on the team (I started working here in Feb 2015).

Fun Fact: I’m a former Royal Marine… so yeah, the rest of the support team are pretty intimidated by me 😉

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