5 HR Lessons From Star Wars – Plus, WIN TICKETS TO SEE THE NEW MOVIE

December 10, 2015

5 HR Lessons From Star Wars

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens is nearly upon us. The release date is confirmed as 18th December 2015!

If you’re a Star Wars fan who also happens to work in human resources, then you’re in luck – we’ve been through some of the older Star Wars movies to find you 5 great lessons about HR and people management. Remember to add your own ideas in the comments, and enter the free prize draw for a chance to win 2 cinema tickets to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

1. Don’t Ask Employees to Sacrifice Family Life

Darth Vader remains pretty loyal to the Emperor almost the whole way through. But when he is instructed to kill his own son, eventually he turns on the Emperor and throws him to his death!

OK, so this is a pretty extreme example, but teaches an important lesson: Family values are important. If you know that one of your employees has to go watch their child play football on a Saturday… don’t go out of your way to add them to the rota just because you can! If you’re making unnecessary requests that are taking a toll on their life at home, then there’s only so long they’re going to smile and nod before they eventually throw you to your death… erm, I mean look for another job.

2. Fear is Not a Great Motivator

You might think you’re being smart when you tell your sales team that your company is downsizing, and if they want to keep their job, they’d better hit their target… but you’re not.

How many times did Darth Vader use the ‘Force Choke’ on his own henchmen because they weren’t performing quite how he’d like? And how many times did it result in better performance? It didn’t – in fact, it was probably the fear of this nasty end that prevented his team focusing on their jobs!

3. Cash is Not the Only Incentive

Han Solo was paid for safely delivering Luke and Leia to the rebellion. So why did he come back to save Luke from Darth Vader in his Tie Fighter? It wasn’t because there was more money on offer – it was because of the relationship he’d built with these people while on-the-job.

You too can help your employees to go ‘the extra mile’ without expecting extra pay, by building a great company culture where your people can really feel the togetherness and buzz that separates ‘worthy careers’ from ‘just jobs’.

4. Trust Your Employees to Use Initiative

Do you remember when Luke turns off his targeting computer and ‘uses the force’ instead?

Luke was going against the standard protocol because he’d noticed that his teammates had all, well, died. He spotted a problem, and took a different approach – and it saved his life and won them the battle!

Don’t insist your employees follow the same protocols and processes you’ve had in place just for the sake of it. If you spot somebody doing something different, find out why – they might just teach you a brand new way of doing things that works even better than the last.

5. Invest In Technology

Can you count how many times R2-D2 and C-3PO saved the day in the original Star Wars saga? If you can, then go ahead and put it in the comments – I’ll be seriously impressed!

But I think we can all agree that these funny little robots saved the day a lot. And technology can save the day of HR professionals too – for example, investing in Human Resources software can help you to spot absence trends and tackle them, or at least, plan around them, before they cause a catastrophe.

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