Why we’ve hired a chef to cook for our employees

March 13, 2017
Why we’ve hired a chef to cook for our employees

In case you haven’t seen our post on Facebook already, we now have our very own in-house chef. He’s been cooking us breakfasts and hot dinners every day for nearly two weeks now. And maybe it’s the cottage cheese talking… but I’m sure we’re all looking a little brighter behind the eyes.

As you know, we are very passionate about health and wellbeing here at People®. We launched a survey on sleep, diet and exercise last year, and found that a lot of UK workers are not finding the time to eat healthily.

Our CEO Manjit decided to do something about this. She hired a chef for our office – and we’re seeing fantastic results.

It’s like having a family meal – but at work

During breakfast this morning, People® Helpdesk supervisor Josh Kirwan, mentioned how he was reminded of family breakfasts from childhood.

It’s nice to sit around a table with my workmates for 15 minutes every morning” he says. “We can enjoy a bowl of fruit, or a hot bacon sandwich together, while we put the world to rights and prepare for the day ahead. It definitely makes me feel closer to the people in my team.

I’m pretty sure people are turning up to work earlier than ever before, too.

We are taking care of our most important assets – our people

As you are probably aware by now, our employees are our most important asset” says Manjit, the CEO behind the idea. “Providing them with the option of two square meals every day, at no charge, hopefully shows how much we appreciate their hard work.

Manjit hopes that having a chef in the office will become a big boost for employee morale. We have a fairly small headcount right now, but as we grow, Manjit hopes that her idea will help to forge stronger relationships between different departments.

Eating together is a great excuse to get to know each other” she explains.

Does a healthy diet increase productivity?

Good fuel leads to great performance. At least that’s a theory that applies to things like machinery. But can it apply to the results you get from your people at work?

According to Harvard Business Review, “a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon”. And there are countless other studies that support the theory of a good diet improving performance.

Will having a chef boost employee productivity?” Manjit asks herself. “Maybe. And I certainly hope so! But what’s more important, is that our employees feel valued, and that they’re well looked after. Our office is not near many shops, cafes or restaurants. Providing healthy, home-cooked meals is a benefit that makes good, practical sense.

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