How Jellyfish Pictures solved the bottleneck in their holiday booking process

June 27, 2017

The bottleneck Jellyfish Pictures solved with HR software

Jellyfish Pictures is a BAFTA and EMMY award-winning VFX and Animation company, driven by a passion for the work they do, and a love for the people they work with.

Emma Obichukwu used to work as the company’s recruitment coordinator. But while their recruitment system was working wonders for them, they were struggling with bottlenecks in some of their HR administration processes. Specifically, with holiday booking.

Holiday requests were being delayed, and sometimes overlooked entirely

We have around 150 people on our workforce at any given time” explains Emma, “and that number constantly moves up and down because of how many freelancers and contractors we work with. Unfortunately, our holiday booking process was causing serious bottlenecks for our HR department. All holiday requests were sent to a catch-all email address, and dealt with by the same one or two people – no matter which project the sender was working on.

This was causing more than just delays. Some holiday requests were being overlooked entirely. And because of the last-minute nature of many holiday approvals, management were struggling to plan for days where certain staff members weren’t around.

We needed to remove the bottleneck, and empower individual managers

We decided to look for a central holiday management system” says Emma, “and we chose People® because it let each manager directly handle holiday requests for the people in their team. This works so much better than using a catch-all email address. After all, team managers are in a much better position to judge whether a holiday request will impact operations. Plus, People® shows them who is working when, which helps them avoid double booking.

Emma says that holiday requests are now approved or declined nearly instantly.

Because requests are sent directly to the relevant person, they get the attention they need straight away. And because managers can respond with a quick tap from their mobile, requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently. What’s nice though, is that while each manager is now responsible for their own team’s holidays, the requests are still being kept together in the same central system.

The results are hard to hear – because nobody is complaining

Emma says that the results speak for themselves. Or rather, they don’t speak at all – because nobody is complaining about the holiday system anymore.

Nobody is chasing their holiday requests. Nobody is submitting multiple requests for the same event. Nobody is complaining that their holidays are lost… everything on the holiday booking front is silent – and that speaks volumes.

The newfound silence at Jellyfish Pictures is helping employees to get their heads down and focus on the exciting projects they have in the pipeline. For example, Emma is now production coordinator for a brand new CBBC series, called ‘Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed’. The 52-part series will set loose one of Britain’s most iconic cartoon characters into the world of CGI for the very first time, and is expected to launch in late 2017.

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