Why it makes sense to integrate People® HR with Sage Payroll 50

August 4, 2017

Why it makes sense to integrate People® HR with Sage Payroll 50

HR and Payroll are different departments whose paths constantly collide. If you want to work well together, you don’t want every interaction to be about whether or not you’ve remembered to load the latest data export into your various systems – or about why Employee X is still on the payroll, despite leaving the company weeks ago.

You want your HR system and your payroll system to work together as closely as HR works with payroll. And this is why we built an integration that links People HR with Sage Payroll 50. It eliminates duplicate data entry, reduces human error, and improves the HR-payroll relationship.

Oh, and it’s completely free of charge! So today, I’d like to tell you what our Sage Payroll 50 integration can actually do.

The direct link between your HR and payroll systems

Often, when information changes in your HR system, one of the first things you need to do is contact payroll to let them know. This might only require a quick phone call to the office next door. But depending on what’s changed, it could require exports, comparisons, downloads, uploads, and several manual edits to your payroll database.

With our flagship Sage Payroll 50 integration, you get a direct link between your HR and payroll system. When it’s time to run your payroll, you only need to click twice – and all information from your HR system will be pushed into your payroll software. Everything in-sync and up to date. And whenever you’re ready, People HR can pull all payslips from Sage, and upload them to individual employee records.

No need to create employee records twice

When you create a new starter in People HR, you don’t have to repeat the action in Sage – our integration allows you to automatically send the new starter record over to payroll the next time you do a sync.

Of course, it will only share the information you’ve asked it to share. So let’s take a look at some of the settings you can tweak, and the options you can use.

Customise the information shared between systems

Once you’ve downloaded our easy desktop app for linking People HR with Sage Payroll 50, you’ll be able to customise exactly what information gets shared.

By default, People HR will share standard employee data fields, such as name, DOB, address and job title. But beyond this, it’s entirely up to you. For example, you could set the app to push salary details from People HR, but to ignore overtime details. Here are the pre-defined options you can enable or disable:

  • Overtime
  • Salary
  • Holidays owed by employee (deductions)
  • Holidays owed to employee (payment)
  • Recorded hours
  • Contracted hours
  • Hourly holidays taken

But if you want to share other information, you can set this up too. Simply add the details into your default benefit screen within People HR, and you’ll see it pop up beneath the pre-set options.

So if you wanted to push gym membership details through to Sage – such as for tax reporting purposes – you would simply set up gym membership as a benefit within People HR, and then ask the integration app to share this with Sage.

Assign different pay elements by role or project

Within Sage Payroll 50, you can set up different pay elements. And with our payroll integration, you can assign these different pay elements to the information arriving from People HR.

You can assign either by job role, or by assignment. In other words, you can ask Sage to detect specific job roles, in order to assign a specific pay element. Or you can tie pay elements into the Assignment section within People HR.

Assigning pay elements by assignment is particularly useful if you wish to pay different rates to an employee depending on what they are working on. If you wish to pay a premium rate for more risky work, for example – like a day on site – you could set this up as a separate assignment within People, and have this part of the timesheet assigned to the premium pay element within Sage.

Instantly assign payslips to employees

Once Sage has generated employee payslips, you can ask People HR to pull them into your HR software. People HR will pull a bulk export of payslips from sage, and then scan each item for its National Insurance number. Once this has finished, it will assign each payslip to the employee it relates to.

Don’t worry if you have a few records where information is missing. Our integration will send you a “failed to load” report, so you can make sure not a single payslip gets missed.

Share leaver information with payroll

We understand that in some companies, people prefer to mark employees as leavers manually – both in their HR system, and in their payroll system.

But if you wish to reduce the administration on your plate, you can also ask our integration app to share leaver data with Sage Payroll 50.

When you mark an employee as a leaver, the next time you sync with Sage, this information will be updated on both platforms.

No mistakes – preview changes, and keep an audit history

It can be scary taking a leap into automating information sharing between systems. And that’s why our payroll integration takes two clicks, rather than one.

The first click is to “Report Changes”. This gives you a preview of all information that will be changed – letting you make sure everything is in order before you take the final step. Once you’re ready, click “Update Sage”, and both systems will sync.

And if you want to go back to check something? No problem! The integration stores a full history log, so that you can go back and audit your changes any time you like.

Getting started with our Sage Payroll 50 integration

If you didn’t know about this integration, but it sounds useful, then you can get started right now. To get started, you can use our Sage Payroll 50 integration tutorial here. You will need to download an app to your desktop, and there are a few settings to configure – but once you’re running, you’ll be enjoying a more seamless relationship between HR and payroll.

If you already use our Sage Payroll 50 integration, why not share your experience in the comments below?

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