Remove international HR bottlenecks with Regional Administrators

September 11, 2017

Remove international HR bottlenecks with Regional Administrators

As you know, we’re preparing to release a new software update that will help you break international HR barriers and improve the way you manage your workforce across borders.

One way we’re doing this, is by letting you set up regional HR administrators, who are responsible for all HR within specific locations. We are doing this to help you stop international HR bottlenecks from forming, which happens when you are forced to channel most of your key HR processes through one person, office or location.

What it means when you add a regional HR administrator

When you set up another user as a regional administrator, they will effectively gain the same system access and permissions as the main system administrator. The only difference is that their administrative privileges will be restricted to a particular region.

This region could be a country, a city, or even a specific group of people. But whatever you set the region as, the point here is that your regional administrator will be able to set, configure and approve everything to do with that region. For example:

  • Configure location settings like public holidays and absences
  • Build and edit custom queries and reports
  • View and manage the planner for all employees within the region

By setting up regional administrators, you are removing the bottleneck and allowing each of your regions to operate according to their own local laws and nuances – while keeping all employees within the same central system.

How our customer Vistra is now planning a distributed approach to local HR

One of our customers, Vistra, says that doing business in a fast-changing global environment is a challenge that provides great opportunities. They are an international organisation with 50 offices around the globe, and so a flexible approach to international HR processes is very important.

We recently spoke to Volker, the Director of Vistra’s Global Center of Excellence, who was very excited about the forthcoming regional administrator feature.

We really can’t afford to have an HR bottleneck that forces all our people operations through one or two people, or a single office” he told us. “However, we still want each region to be able to look after employees with the same high company standards we hold here at Global HR.

The new feature will let Global HR set up the rules that apply to all our offices around the world – and then I’ll be able to assign a regional administrator to look after each location. With this distributed approach to local HR, all employees can eventually be managed from the same central system, and to the same high standards!

Volker told us that he can’t wait to let his regional administrators get started analysing their global workforce, launching the planner for their own region, and customising their public holiday rules (and more).

Tell us your plans for adding regional administrators

Our Autumn release will be going live soon. We’ll be sharing more information about other new features later this week. But in the meantime? We’d love you to add a comment and talk about what your plans are for adding regional administrators to your HR system.

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